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Food emoticons

The smileys in this section are all about food and drink! This includes everything that is involved: preparing, cooking, serving and finally eating the meal! We hope you like them... have fun!

chinese food smiley
Chinese food
bbq smiley
bubblegum smiley
eating burger smiley
Eating Burger
eating chinese food smiley
Eating Chinese food
eating breakfast cornflakes smiley
Eating breakfast cornflakes
hamburger smiley
pancake smiley
peanut butter smiley
Peanut butter
pizza smiley
popcorn smiley
salad smiley
steak smiley
smiley eating icecream smiley
Smiley eating icecream
bbq skewer smiley
BBQ skewer
eating drumstick smiley
Eating drumstick
smelling bbq smiley
Smelling BBQ
eating sandwich smiley
Eating sandwich
barbecue flip smiley
Barbecue flip
chocolate smiley
watermelon smiley
eating chocolate smiley
Eating chocolate
eating cake smiley
Eating cake
smiley face eats watermelon smiley
Smiley face eats watermelon
eating smiley
eating grapes smiley
Eating grapes
ice cream smiley
Ice cream
picnic smiley
eating burger smiley
Eating Burger
eating pizza smiley
Eating Pizza
spaghetti smiley
hotdog smiley
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in funny... on 02 Aug, 2020

Love the way the little guy is scared of the bunny at first! Such a cutie!...

in eating... on 05 Jun, 2020

This emoji honestly looks pregnant!

in full of food on 28 Feb, 2020

I love this! Pls if this graphic artist who made this spaghetti emoji is...

in spaghetti on 20 Jan, 2020

We need to eat 3 meals a day, so it is no surprise that we need graphics and animations relating to this topic. And of course, we usually get hungry before consuming food, so we have included that topic as well.

These smiley faces are masters in the kitchen... both at cooking at eating! They are on a see-food diet... they see food and they eat it!

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