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Country Emoticons

If you're looking for emoticons to represent your country, you've come to the right place! All of these animated smileys are free. We've got something for you, no matter where you're from!

god bless america smiley
God Bless America
usa smiley
salute usa flag smiley
Salute USA flag
wtc heart smiley
WTC Heart
wtc  9-11 candle smiley
WTC 9-11 Candle
wtc 9-11-01 ribbon smiley
WTC 9-11-01 Ribbon
wtc never forget smiley
WTC Never Forget
wtc ribbon smiley
WTC Ribbon
wtc candle smiley
WTC Candle
twin towers 9-11-01 smiley
Twin Towers 9-11-01
9-11 candle smiley
9-11 Candle
wtc twin towers smiley
WTC Twin Towers
wtc eagle smiley
WTC Eagle
white house smiley
White House
9-11 ribbon smiley
9-11 Ribbon
9-11 flag smiley
9-11 Flag
australian flag smiley
Australian Flag
algerian flag smiley
Algerian Flag
argentinian flag smiley
Argentinian Flag
flag of canada smiley
Flag of Canada
flag of england smiley
Flag of England
flag of germany smiley
Flag of Germany
flag of iran smiley
Flag of Iran
flag of uk smiley
Flag of UK
american flag smiley
American Flag
canada smiley
argentina flag smiley
Argentina Flag
canadian flag smiley
Canadian Flag
flag of angola smiley
Flag of Angola
flag of austria smiley
Flag of Austria
flag of the bahamas smiley
Flag of the Bahamas
flag of bahrain smiley
Flag of Bahrain
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almost forgot thank you

in 9-11 flag on 11 May, 2024

freedom of expression. of speech

in confederate... on 21 Jul, 2023

hahahah have an albaina one

in flag of china on 05 May, 2023

Saturday, February 5, 2022 - Oh, say did y’all see our flag flying in The...

in confederate... on 06 Feb, 2022

Countries and Nationalities

It's a global village! No doubt about it. We all agree that advances in communication technology and the speed of Internet have contracted the entire globe into a small village. People from countries around the world have been brought together through the Internet and World Wide Web by instant communications such as IM and social networking.

Physical distances are no longer a hindrance. However, most of us still have our nationalistic and patriotic attachments and priorities. We pride ourselves in our national characteristics and values. We seek respect and recognition for our National flag, language, customs and our way of life. Accordingly, we also love emoticons and smileys which prescribe to our nationality and our country as well. Our Motherland is important to us!

We've tried our best to gather an emoticon for every country on this planet. So if you consider yourself a patriot or nationalist, have some of your country's emoticons handy for your online community participation and they will definitely be of good use to you when you need them.

We've got several different types of emoticons, they're organized as follows:

Country Flags

These are graphics which represent flags of different nations. Some of them include smiley flag bearers.


There are also icons showing the different sights and customs of different nations across the world.

Language Specific

We also have a range of smileys that are in different languages such as Spanish, French and Arabic.

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