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Heart emoticon set

We've got all the heart smileys and love animations you need right here. We've got them all, each and every kind. Browse the free hearts below and use any smiley you like on Facebook, Skype, MSN/Live or Yahoo Messenger. Have fun!

beating heart emoticon
Beating Heart
blow kiss emoticon
Blow Kiss
heart eyes emoticon
Heart Eyes
love heart hand emoticon
Love Heart Hand
heart beat emoticon
Heart Beat
happy love heart emoticon
Happy Love Heart
raining hearts emoticon
Raining hearts
angel in clouds blowing a kiss emoticon
Angel in clouds blowing a kiss
happy heart emoticon
Happy Heart
big beating heart emoticon
Big Beating Heart
smiley with beating heart emoticon
Smiley with beating heart
hand heart emoticon
Hand Heart
heart balloon emoticon
Heart Balloon
big heart emoticon
Big Heart
heart-broken emoticon
bananas in love emoticon
Bananas in love
burning heart emoticon
Burning Heart
broken heart emoticon
Broken Heart
cupids with heart emoticon
Cupids with heart
heart and arrow emoticon
Heart and Arrow
love birds emoticon
Love Birds
love heart emoticon
Love Heart
hands make heart emoticon
Hands make heart
pink happy heart emoticon
Pink Happy Heart
opening a love letter emoticon
Opening a Love Letter
lipstick heart emoticon
Lipstick Heart
heart key and lock emoticon
Heart key and lock
love ya emoticon
Love Ya
valentine chocolate emoticon
Valentine Chocolate
dogs in love emoticon
Dogs in love
waving hi heart emoticon
Waving Hi Heart
kissing penguin emoticon
Kissing Penguin
heart cloud emoticon
Heart cloud
with love emoticon
With Love
heart plant emoticon
Heart plant
valentine artist emoticon
Valentine artist
love is in the air emoticon
Love Is In The Air
drawing the love sign emoticon
Drawing the Love Sign
breaking heart emoticon
Breaking heart
valentine balloons emoticon
Valentine balloons
butterfly heart emoticon
Butterfly Heart
ketchup bottle emoticon
Ketchup Bottle
i heart paws emoticon
I Heart Paws
cartoon moon hearts and kisses emoticon
Cartoon Moon Hearts and Kisses
pink penguin emoticon
Pink Penguin
hit by love emoticon
Hit by Love
happy heart emoticon
Happy Heart
cheerful heart emoticon
Cheerful Heart
loving family emoticon
Loving Family
happy v day emoticon
Happy V Day
love struck emoticon
Love Struck
goofy heart emoticon
Goofy Heart
i love my family emoticon
I Love My Family
wtc heart emoticon
WTC Heart
boy and girl in love emoticon
Boy and Girl In Love
black heart emoticon
Black Heart
act of love emoticon
Act of Love
love u mom emoticon
Love U Mom
baby heart valentine's day emoticon
Baby Heart Valentine's Day
kisses emoticon
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