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Animated cooking emoticons

These smiley faces are wizards of the kitchen... they are iron chefs! They can cook just about any meal or snack for you. Send these animated emoticons of cooking on Facebook, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, etc. All of the GIF animations are free.

bbq emoticon
chef emoticon
steak on the grill emoticon
Steak on the Grill
smiley face cooking emoticon
Smiley face cooking
cooking eggs emoticon
Cooking eggs
perfecto emoticon
barbeque emoticon
cooking emoticon
cooking dinner emoticon
Cooking Dinner
housewife emoticon
washing dishes emoticon
Washing Dishes
blender accident emoticon
Blender accident
chef emoticon
cutting sausage emoticon
Cutting Sausage
cook emoticon
housewife cooking emoticon
Housewife cooking
hungry kids emoticon
Hungry kids
italian chef emoticon
Italian chef
washing the dishes emoticon
Washing the dishes
master chef cooking emoticon
Master Chef Cooking
chef emoticon
burger flip emoticon
Burger flip
cooking on fire emoticon
Cooking on fire
doing dishes emoticon
Doing dishes
pizza chef emoticon
Pizza Chef
flipping food emoticon
Flipping food
smiley cooking emoticon
Smiley Cooking
serving food emoticon
Serving food
waiter emoticon
blender emoticon
egg eyes emoticon
Egg eyes
blender explosion emoticon
Blender Explosion
flippy emoticon
egg slicer emoticon
Egg Slicer

There are 34 emoticons in the Animated cooking emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Weekend Grilling ~ Who's ready?

in bbq on 29 Sep, 2015

Cool picture I'm gonna send it to my bestie

in blender on 06 Aug, 2015

could you add sound that be rad

in cook on 23 Apr, 2015

its one of my favourites!:)

in cooking dinner on 08 Mar, 2015

Would share but only 2 left Lol

in cooking eggs on 26 Feb, 2015
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