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Hand gesture emoticons

Here we've got all of our smiley who are gesturing with their hands. We often use our hands in our communications to send specific nonverbal messages. So perhaps we could say these gestures are part of our body language. What we have to be careful about is the aspect of its culture-specific uses and meanings. Depending on where you use them, some particular gestures can convey totally different messages. For example a thumbs up hand gesture in western countries means Okay, but if you flash it to someone in the Middle Eastern countries or Russia you'll be in trouble! Over there it carries a highly offensive message similar to what the middle finger does in the western countries! So if your contacts are of a culturally- diverse background, beware and be careful when sending them an emoticon!

hand clapping smiley
Hand Clapping
facepalm smiley
prayer hands smiley
Prayer Hands
middle finger rude gesture smiley
Middle Finger Rude Gesture
sexy girl middle finger smiley
Sexy Girl Middle Finger
hands clapping applause smiley
Hands Clapping Applause
fingers crossed smiley
Fingers Crossed
forehead slap smiley
Forehead slap
rock on smiley
Rock On
double finger fuck you smiley
Double finger fuck you
heavy metal hand gesture smiley
Heavy Metal Hand Gesture
high five smiley
High Five
big thumbs up smiley
Big Thumbs Up
waving hi text smiley
Waving Hi Text
air kiss smiley
Air Kiss
open mouth surprised smiley
Open Mouth Surprised
love heart hand smiley
Love Heart Hand
i'm outta here bye bye smiley
I'm Outta Here Bye Bye
smiley says you're welcome smiley
Smiley says You're Welcome
praying to god smiley
Praying to God
facepalm gesture smiley
Facepalm gesture
impatient smiley
praising the lord smiley
Praising the Lord
headbanging and rock fist smiley
Headbanging and Rock Fist
banana riding llama smiley
Banana riding llama
facepalm hand gesture smiley
Facepalm Hand Gesture
audience clapping smiley
Audience Clapping
rock and roll horn smiley
Rock and Roll Horn
awesome smiley
giving thumbs up winking smiley
Giving Thumbs Up Winking
phew smiley
scratching head smiley
Scratching Head
cheering clapping smiley
Cheering Clapping
applause smiley
i'm watching you smiley
I'm Watching You
clapping bravo smiley
Clapping Bravo
monkey waving smiley
Monkey waving
rocking stickman smiley
Rocking stickman
saying you're welcome smiley
Saying You're Welcome
fist bump smiley
Fist Bump
baby waving bye bye smiley
Baby Waving Bye Bye
talk to the hand smiley
Talk to the hand
thumbs down smiley
Thumbs down
crazy sign smiley
Crazy Sign
sarcastic applause smiley
Sarcastic applause
hand clap smiley
Hand Clap
brofist smiley
devil's horn smiley
Devil's Horn
smiley wagging his finger saying no smiley
Smiley Wagging His Finger Saying NO
shhhhh smiley
my fingers are crossed smiley
My Fingers Are Crossed
congrats smiley
two thumbs up smiley
Two thumbs up
winking thumbs up smiley
Winking Thumbs up
rapper smiley
double thumbs up smiley
Double Thumbs Up
panda wave smiley
Panda wave
speech bubble bye smiley
Speech Bubble Bye
knocking hand smiley
Knocking Hand
shaka smiley
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