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Gesturing emoticons and smileys

Here are even more gesturing emoticons... you'll really love them!

talk to the hand text smiley
Talk To The Hand text
zombie hands waving bye smiley
Zombie Hands Waving Bye
thumbs up smiley
Thumbs Up
yea yea whatever smiley
Yea yea whatever
spying smiley
smiley says talk to the hand smiley
Smiley Says Talk to the Hand
chatter box smiley
Chatter Box
ok and thumbs up smiley
OK and Thumbs Up
no idea smiley
No Idea
no not me smiley
No Not Me
kitty meow hello smiley
Kitty Meow Hello
pointing down smiley
Pointing Down
facing problems smiley
Facing Problems
quotation sign smiley
Quotation Sign
peace and victory hand sign smiley
Peace and Victory Hand Sign
crossing oneself christian smiley
Crossing Oneself Christian
sad farewell smiley
Sad Farewell
hand gesture to mean talking too much smiley
Hand Gesture to mean Talking Too Much
finger purse smiley
Finger purse
winking victory sign smiley
Winking Victory Sign
shaking hands in agreement smiley
Shaking hands in agreement
green thumbs up smiley
Green Thumbs Up
hitchhiking sign gesture smiley
Hitchhiking Sign gesture
finger gun gesture smiley
Finger Gun Gesture
agree to disagree smiley
Agree To Disagree
raged smiley
victory fingers black smiley
Victory Fingers Black
little angel waves smiley
Little Angel Waves
staring contest smiley
Staring Contest
purple monster waving smiley
Purple Monster Waving
homeboy smiley
hear no evil smiley
Hear No Evil
sad bon voyage smiley
Sad Bon Voyage
shy girl hands smiley
Shy Girl Hands
time out gesture smiley
Time out Gesture
smiley says peace out smiley
Smiley says Peace out
stop gesture smiley
Stop Gesture
bright idea smiley
Bright Idea
pointing smiley
cute blue good bye smiley
Cute Blue Good Bye
thumbs down gesture smiley
Thumbs Down Gesture
ummm smiley
orange guy two thumbs up smiley
Orange Guy Two Thumbs Up
i love you hand sign smiley
I Love You hand sign
saying hello smiley
Saying Hello
banana waving goodbye smiley
Banana Waving Goodbye
small ok sign smiley
Small Ok Sign
fist smash smiley
Fist Smash
man waving goodbye smiley
Man Waving Goodbye
victory hand sign smiley
Victory hand sign
go ahead smiley
Go Ahead
alien peace sign smiley
Alien Peace Sign
you're a loser smiley
You're a Loser
nein smiley
triumphant smiley
wicked tomato waving smiley
Wicked Tomato Waving
orange guy thumbs up smiley
Orange Guy Thumbs Up
got to go bye smiley
Got to Go Bye
hello smiley
glitter girl victory sign smiley
Glitter Girl Victory Sign
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