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Swearing emoticons

Want to see an animated emoticon swearing? Then you came to the right page! We've got the most offensive and insulting smiley faces on the Internet, and they're all FREE. Stop reading and start checking them out!

fuck you finger emoticon
Fuck you finger
dick emoticon
fuck you emoticon
Fuck you
middle finger rude gesture emoticon
Middle Finger Rude Gesture
sexy girl middle finger emoticon
Sexy Girl Middle Finger
rude santa claus emoticon
Rude Santa Claus
the finger emoticon
The Finger
smiley says kiss my ass emoticon
Smiley says Kiss My Ass
fuck you asshole emoticon
Fuck you asshole
smart ass emoticon
Smart Ass
talk to the hand emoticon
Talk to the hand
dirty language emoticon
Dirty Language
you're a loser emoticon
You're a loser
idiot emoticon
finger insult emoticon
Finger Insult
fuck! emoticon
shit happens emoticon
Shit Happens
cry baby emoticon
Cry Baby
bird finger emoticon
Bird Finger
asshole emoticon
don't be so bitchy emoticon
Don't be so bitchy
pervert emoticon
jackass emoticon
stupid emoticon
smiley farts emoticon
Smiley Farts
redneck emoticon
you are a loser emoticon
You Are a Loser
dirty old man emoticon
Dirty old man
i hate you emoticon
I Hate You
loser sign emoticon
Loser sign
motherfucker emoticon
kiss ass emoticon
Kiss Ass
dork emoticon
shithead emoticon
you're full of shit emoticon
You're full of Shit
censored emoticon
jerk emoticon
ugly emoticon
lazy, good for nothing emoticon
Lazy, Good for Nothing
angry smiley face swearing emoticon
Angry smiley face swearing
bitch and moan emoticon
Bitch and moan
duh emoticon
fat boy emoticon
Fat Boy
girl says talk to the hand emoticon
Girl says Talk to the hand
rude greetings emoticon
Rude Greetings
girl says whatever emoticon
Girl says Whatever
butt head emoticon
Butt head
cocking a snook at someone emoticon
cocking a snook at someone
bastard emoticon
liar emoticon
fool emoticon
shut up emoticon
Shut Up
swearing rage emoticon
Swearing Rage
moron emoticon
dope emoticon
geek emoticon
snob emoticon
bitch! emoticon
rat emoticon
dunce emoticon
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Insulting and offensive smileys

Each and every smiley face here is a rude dude... some of them are just bad boys and some sarcastic. Regardless of what you're looking for, we're sure that we've got it! They're especially useful if you want to insult someone or swear at them.

Send these offensive smileys on Facebook, Yahoo or even MSN Messenger (AKA Windows Live). We give you easy to use codes to post the GIF animations into blogs and forums. Heck, you can also paste in any icon or graphic from here if you're sending someone a rude or offending email!

Whatever you use them for, we hope you enjoy them. Just remember, we don't condone this kind of bad language and the animations here are more for humor. If you've got some feedback, just drop us a line or leave a comment on the pages.

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