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Lazy emoticon

These are the lazy emoticons we have. We found 4 results. All of our lazy smileys are free to download.

Fat Boy

Fat Boy

Fat Boy smiley is an insult thrown at fat and lazy people who like to eat constantly and can't get up and get any jobs down.

  • Added on 21 October, 2011
  • Filename: fat-boy.gif
  • File size: 13023 bytes
  • Rated 4.30 from 5 votes
  • 18 frames measuring 55 x 68 pixels

Lazy, Good for Nothing

lazy good icon

A lazy smiley is good for nothing and is frequently put down by those who get pissed off by him and his lame attitude.

  • Added on 21 October, 2011
  • Filename: lazy-good-for-nothing.gif
  • File size: 4865 bytes
  • Rated 3.64 from 7 votes
  • 20 frames measuring 81 x 72 pixels


Slacker smilie

A perfect slacker smiley is basically a work-a-phobic, a lazy person who like to postpone every thing to the last minute or even last second, but at the same time intelligent and of high IQ...

  • Added on 21 October, 2011
  • Filename: slacker.gif
  • File size: 6177 bytes
  • 17 frames measuring 61 x 68 pixels



If you know a careless, lazy, dirty and obnoxious person, then this slob smiley face will definitely help you to poke some fun at him!

  • Added on 21 October, 2011
  • Filename: slob.gif
  • File size: 3544 bytes
  • 12 frames measuring 41 x 68 pixels
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