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Sick emoticons

Here we have the best sick and unwell emoticons. They are very funny and you can send them to your friends when you're not feeling well. Each and every animated smiley and emoticon is free to download, so check them out!

puke emoticon
nurse emoticon
x-ray emoticon
love sick emoticon
Love Sick
barfing emoticon
puking on screen emoticon
Puking on screen
sneeze emoticon
sick emoticon
barfing emoticon
big headache emoticon
Big headache
blowing runny nose emoticon
Blowing Runny Nose
being sick emoticon
Being Sick
sick fever emoticon
Sick fever
doctor smiley face emoticon
Doctor smiley face
smileys vomiting emoticon
Smileys vomiting
throw up emoticon
Throw Up
vomit in paper bag emoticon
Vomit in paper bag
vomiting girl emoticon
Vomiting Girl
doctor emoticon
sick in bed emoticon
Sick In Bed
sick penguin emoticon
Sick Penguin
about to vomit emoticon
About to vomit
fever and sick emoticon
Fever And Sick
winter cold emoticon
Winter Cold
cold emoticon
ill emoticon
vomit into the toilet emoticon
Vomit Into The Toilet
missing tooth emoticon
Missing Tooth
dizzy emoticon
missing tooth emoticon
Missing tooth
headache emoticon
dramatic death emoticon
Dramatic Death
hitting emoticon
fever and sick emoticon
Fever and sick
chair to the head emoticon
Chair to the Head
sick puking emoticon
Sick Puking
running nose emoticon
Running Nose
injury emoticon
get well! emoticon
Get Well!
smiley farts emoticon
Smiley Farts
knee to head knockout emoticon
Knee to Head Knockout
itching emoticon
injured emoticon
dentist emoticon
itchy rashes emoticon
Itchy Rashes
on crutches emoticon
On Crutches
chill pill emoticon
Chill Pill
resting in bed emoticon
Resting in bed
doctor emoticon
in bed and sick emoticon
In bed and sick
hurt emoticon
big sneeze emoticon
Big Sneeze
about to puke emoticon
About To Puke
boxer knockout emoticon
Boxer knockout
high fever emoticon
High fever
messy sneeze emoticon
Messy Sneeze
doctor with stethoscope emoticon
Doctor with Stethoscope
injured hockey player emoticon
Injured Hockey Player
hospital bed emoticon
Hospital Bed
scratching emoticon
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Recent Comments:

tell Sierea I said to get well soon

in get well on 20 Mar, 2017

WOW love it the look awesome

in sneeze on 20 Mar, 2017

Is vomiting contagious?

in vomit in... on 18 Mar, 2017

I'm so grossed out but it's so funny that the emoji is barfing🤢

in barfing on 13 Mar, 2017

Sometimes you just have to go and be the only person who is🤢

in puke on 13 Mar, 2017

Sick and ill smileys

All of these poor smileys are sick and suffering some some kind of illness. Their conditions range from a simple cold to anguishing bouts of vomiting!

You can send these to your friends on Facebook and post them on blogs and forums. You can also send them in your instant messenger chats on MSN Messenger, Live Messenger, Skype, etc.

Next time you're feeling under the weather you can use an emoticon from here to let everyone know. Laughter is one of the best kinds of medicine, and we hope these amusing graphics will help you to recover and get well soon!

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