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angry smiley
angry smiley smiley
Angry smiley
mad smiley
angry msn smiley
Angry MSN
mad smiley smiley
Mad smiley
angry argument smiley
Angry argument
3d smiley full of anger smiley
3D smiley full of anger
swearing smiley face smiley
Swearing smiley face
angry smiley face smiley
Angry smiley face
mad smiley bending rod smiley
Mad smiley bending rod
bang head on wall smiley
Bang head on wall
hitting computer smiley
Hitting computer
smashing computer smiley
Smashing computer
bang head on desk smiley
Bang head on desk
angry wife smashing dishes smiley
Angry wife smashing dishes
smiley on fire smiley
Smiley on fire
smashing laptop with bat smiley
Smashing laptop with bat
angry stare smiley
Angry stare
smiley face swearing smiley
Smiley face swearing
smiley face shaking fist smiley
Smiley face shaking fist
computer smash smiley
Computer Smash
road rage smiley
Road Rage
super angry smiley
Super Angry
you suck smiley
You Suck
pulling hair out smiley
Pulling Hair Out
whipping smiley
crazy smiley
shut up smiley
Shut Up
very angry smiley
Very Angry
no smiley
angry mob smiley
Angry Mob
pulling hair smiley
Pulling Hair
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All of these animated emoticons will work with MSN and Live Messenger. You can also get codes to paste them on websites and forums.

What is Emotion?

To put it simply, Emotion is a mental state which makes us to feel and behave in a certain way. For example when we experience the emotion of fear, we feel scared and we flee as a direct result of it. Our body also responds to the emotions and our physiology changes according to how we feel. For example we fall sick when we are deeply saddened or we glow radiantly when we are extremely happy.

In fact, emotions are the most important aspect of our mental life which contributes to the quality of our existence. Without our emotions, life is not worth living. It's also important to us how the people whom we deal with feel. We look at each others faces to judge the moods we are in. We use the expression of our emotion to let others know how we feel. The true feelings of a human also can be judged by the tone of the voice, bodily posture and body language.

Emotions can be divided into two groups of simple and complex emotions. They can also be divided into positive and negative sub-categories. Some examples of a human's common emotions include happiness, sadness, joy, depression, love, anger, and so on.

Interestingly, over six hundred English words are used to define human emotions and forty two facial muscles are used to express emotional states. Online communication can be difficult without these words and physical indications, this is where emoticons come into play. The right emoticon or smiley can convey the exact message that you would be sending in face-to-face communication. We have a broad range of emoticons for this purpose, so feel free to take your pick. The emoticons have been neatly organized into categories such as Sad, Angry, Happy, etc so you can easily find the right smiley.

What is Mood?

An emotional mood is a longer lasting emotional state. Moods can last from several hours to several days. Moods are less intense comparing to the simple emotions. Generally, when you are in a positive emotional state you can say you are in a good mood, and to the contrary, when you feel negative emotions, you would express yourself by saying that you are in bad mood.

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