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XD smiley face Emoticon

XD smiley face emoticon
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Here's another XD smiley for all you happy people. Ever laughed so much that your tummy hurt? This smiley is doing exactly that, the expression on his face is priceless! Laughter can be quite contagious, and sometime you just can't stop laughing about something, so use this smiley face to share the laughs.

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User comments (107)

No name said:15 Feb '16

Is this made just for faces?

No name said:15 Feb '16

Wow... a whole website made for faces._.

Nathan said:20 Mar '15

Does XD emoji face work guys? please help me out!

Anonymous said:20 Mar '15

Does this smiley emoji work for you? I don't seem to be able to download it? why? I want it badly! please someone help me!

Anoynumus said:24 Jul '14

LOL :)

TheManWhoDiedInGrace said:20 Apr '14

Also faces:
:>] (fake happy face)
:>{ (depressed face)
*> (dead person face)

Anonymous said:20 Apr '14

Really good choice!

Anonymous said:18 Sep '13

I love this website! It's VERY awesome! XD! Ok, I just wanted to do that. (XD)

Anonymous said:11 Jul '13

The deep hearty laugh and the yahoo animated laughing are too cute.

Anonymous said:14 Mar '13

lol kewl beans nice site! :P

Anonymous said:12 Jan '13

Does this work for you, I don't seem to be able to download it? why? I want it badly! please someone help me!

ItAcHi KuN 56 said:09 Dec '11

So cute!! I like it very much!!!

coolguy1110 said:18 Nov '11

wow, what a cool site! XD

desaray said:04 Sep '11

wow :) i love this. I use it on fb.

@jhohny_Miranda said:14 Jul '11

BLABLA meant: "Wow, I think it's so cool."

Me&Me said:07 Jul '11

can anyone from Brazil translate BLABLA's comment for us? thanks his comment is made in Portuguese language. Anyone here speaks this language? thanks again.

BLABLA said:07 Jul '11

Nossa eu naum achei tão legal naum.

Anonymous said:21 May '11

I need it but my computer won't let me download it! :@.

Linda haha~ said:20 May '11

éeh Legalzinhu , bem Manerinhu !

ASADASDS said:02 May '11


Anonymous said:26 Apr '11

this is the greatest xD emote ever made!

Anonymous said:15 Apr '11

i liked the dolls,Gostei Dessa bonecos eu, EU GOSTEI DESSE EMOTICONS,soy brazileiro,sou brasileiro XDD

marcos said:31 Mar '11

eu gostei dos bonecos;I liked the dolls.

biehwbdiwej said:22 Feb '11

:* kissing face right?

henriette said:19 Feb '11

det er bra!! joho!!!

SweetMemories said:26 Jan '11

lol lol lol!!! did you know that laughter is a cure to many diseases? so laugh and laugh and laugh! I know you might say I'm so depressed i can't even think of laughing. but don't give in to sadness and misery. start with a smile and grow it slowly to a loud laughter to the best of your ability. take part in a laughing contest with your friends. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

now to the webmaster: thank you for your efforts to place all these funny emoticons. they're cute and super cool!

Gpac said:16 Jan '11

i got that rolling one xD

Anonymous said:13 Jan '11

Your are funny.........vous etre bizarre!

michael (-_-) said:07 Jan '11

that's so cool, it made me chuckle.

Anonymous said:05 Jan '11

what is :3.............

Mayzen said:03 Jan '11

really cool and funny smileys XD

alex said:08 Dec '10

XD hers a cute one :=)

Jul!@ said:05 Nov '10

são chatos esses tenque ser aqueles fofinhos

Anonymous said:27 Oct '10

I've got that one, except mine's pink (:

Sasorisama said:21 Oct '10

yeah for sure we are there too: D
ott vagyunk ja az biztos is :D

yaknowwhoiam said:20 Oct '10


Cr@zyGirl! said:30 Aug '10

I love it!!!!

OmaARZhiToO said:24 Aug '10

xD! xD! xD!

hunhero said:20 Aug '10

magyarooock!:D:D mindenhol ott vagyunk:D

Anonymous said:14 Aug '10

Is there any XD smiley with a nose?

Details for xd smiley face

Suggested shortcut: ;xd
Tags: Laugh, Laughing, Xd, Laughter
Filename: xd-laugh.gif

  • The XD smiley face emoticon is Static
  • XD smiley face icon file size: 296 Bytes (296)
  • Added on 17 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

It's a GIF image measuring 19 by 19 pixels and has 21 colors.

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