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Drinking smileys

Feeling thirsty and need a drinking smiley to show it? These animated emoticons should help you out! These guys drink all kinds of beverages: beer, coffee, water, you name it. Send the smileys on Facebook, MSN Messenger, Skype and more. They're all free!

drinking red wine emoticon
Drinking Red Wine
smileys drinking beer emoticon
Smileys drinking beer
beer emoticon
good afternoon emoticon
Good Afternoon
drunk emoticon
tea emoticon
champagne popping emoticon
Champagne popping
coffee machine emoticon
Coffee machine
drinking coffee emoticon
Drinking Coffee
very drunk emoticon
Very drunk
cheers emoticon
happy anniversary emoticon
Happy Anniversary
beer mugs emoticon
Beer Mugs
popcorn and drink emoticon
Popcorn And Drink
smiley face making cocktail emoticon
Smiley face making cocktail
drinking wine emoticon
Drinking Wine
drinking beer emoticon
Drinking Beer
beer cheers emoticon
Beer Cheers
beer chugger emoticon
Beer Chugger
good morning coffee emoticon
Good Morning Coffee
coffee break emoticon
Coffee Break
relaxing emoticon
st. patrick's day emoticon
St. Patrick's Day
hot coffee emoticon
Hot coffee
beer chugger emoticon
Beer Chugger
barman emoticon
sipping coffee emoticon
Sipping coffee
whiskey emoticon
hot drink emoticon
Hot drink
champagne emoticon
coffee drinker emoticon
Coffee drinker
sipping tea emoticon
Sipping Tea
vodka emoticon
drunk woman showing tongue emoticon
Drunk Woman Showing Tongue
cheers! emoticon
hot chocolate emoticon
Hot Chocolate
milk emoticon
reading newspaper emoticon
Reading newspaper
beer bong emoticon
Beer Bong
champagne emoticon
margarita emoticon
martini emoticon
soft drink emoticon
Soft drink
at the bar emoticon
At the bar
wedding emoticon
hot chocolate cocoa emoticon
Hot Chocolate Cocoa
drink toast emoticon
Drink toast
relaxing outside emoticon
Relaxing Outside
baby bottle emoticon
Baby Bottle
milk shake emoticon
Milk Shake
bottled water emoticon
Bottled Water
sipping emoticon
milk carton emoticon
Milk carton
i love milk emoticon
I love Milk
coffee machine smiley emoticon
Coffee Machine Smiley
mug of beer emoticon
Mug of Beer
dracula emoticon
soda cup emoticon
Soda Cup
graduation beer chug emoticon
Graduation Beer Chug
blender explosion emoticon
Blender Explosion
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Recent Comments:

Go bruins go bruins go bruins

in watching sports on 30 Apr, 2023

Oh you have a good day!

in coffee drinker on 06 Nov, 2021

The chilling sun emoji is super good!

in good afternoon on 17 Aug, 2021

Муд! советую день деточка

in good afternoon on 15 Aug, 2021

Time to sit down and drink a cup of nicely brewed tea!

in tea on 28 Apr, 2021
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