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Army and War emoticons

Looking for a brave smiley from the military? Look no further! All of these animated emoticons are free, so come and check them out.

big machine gun emoticon
Big Machine Gun
shooting guns emoticon
Shooting guns
bomb emoticon
waving white flag emoticon
Waving White Flag
saluting soldier emoticon
Saluting Soldier
double pistols emoticon
Double pistols
exploding bomb emoticon
Exploding bomb
yes sir soldier emoticon
Yes Sir soldier
shooting tank emoticon
Shooting tank
army soldier emoticon
Army Soldier
airplane emoticon
shooting jeep emoticon
Shooting Jeep
smiley face soldier emoticon
Smiley face soldier
smiley face shooting emoticon
Smiley face shooting
smiley with bomb emoticon
Smiley with bomb
tank emoticon
girl soldier kiss emoticon
Girl Soldier Kiss
submachine gun emoticon
Submachine Gun
double barrel shotgun emoticon
Double Barrel Shotgun
parachute emoticon
smiley throwing bomb emoticon
Smiley throwing bomb
sailor emoticon
rocket launcher emoticon
Rocket Launcher
helicopter emoticon
flying jet emoticon
Flying Jet
rambo emoticon
rambo with gun emoticon
Rambo with gun
shot in head emoticon
Shot in head
smiley driving jeep emoticon
Smiley driving jeep
shooting soldier emoticon
Shooting Soldier
salute usa flag emoticon
Salute USA flag
teddy bear soldier emoticon
Teddy bear soldier
flying helicopter emoticon
Flying Helicopter
soldier with gun emoticon
Soldier with gun
baby soldier sticky out tongue emoticon
Baby Soldier Sticky Out Tongue
chopper emoticon
crazy shooting emoticon
Crazy shooting
shooting tank emoticon
Shooting Tank
soldier emoticon
marching soldiers emoticon
Marching soldiers
saluting us flag emoticon
Saluting US Flag
waving soldier emoticon
Waving soldier
fighter jet emoticon
Fighter Jet
army sniper emoticon
Army Sniper
submarine emoticon
dynamite emoticon
thank you soldier emoticon
Thank you soldier
saluting the american flag emoticon
Saluting the American Flag
smiley plays with a grenade emoticon
Smiley plays with a grenade
army jeep emoticon
Army Jeep
battleship emoticon
shooting ak47 gun emoticon
Shooting Ak47 Gun
army guy yes sir emoticon
Army Guy Yes Sir
jeep in desert emoticon
Jeep in desert
usa emoticon
3d f18 jet fighter emoticon
3D F18 Jet Fighter
serious soldier emoticon
Serious Soldier
a soldier saluting emoticon
A Soldier Saluting
patrolling soldier emoticon
Patrolling soldier
falling bomb emoticon
Falling Bomb

There are 60 emoticons in the Army and War emoticons pack.

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Great but how get to use

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How do I put this next to a momment on FB?

in saluting... on 05 Mar, 2015

how do I make them really how?

in exploding bomb on 20 Feb, 2015

Hi! These are awesome emojis!

in double pistols on 19 Jan, 2015

Awesome emoticons

in double pistols on 24 Dec, 2014

Military smileys

Do you love serving in the army or have a loved one working in the armed forces? Do you value the role of men and women who have dedicated their lives to service in the military to make our world a safer place to live? If you are interested in the Army for any reason, you'll be able to find some interesting emoticons and smileys relevant to this subject in the packs provided here.

Most of these graphics are a dedication to the brave soldiers who are sent off to fight in wars to protect our freedom and values. These men and women make great sacrifices and many of them have lost their lives in the face of warfare. We hope that each time you use an emoticon from here you will remember and honour the memory of these soldiers involved in conflicts around the world.

While war is not a pleasant subject to ponder on or to write about, we had to add these emoticons to our collection in order to have a comprehensive archive. This is particularly for those who somehow relate to this issue due to having a family member or a loved one in the army or military and are participating in the current ongoing wars in the Middle East. We hope that you can find what you are looking for in our collection.

These soldier smileys shoot guns, rocket launchers and throw grenades. They wear military uniforms and some of them even get around in jeeps and helicopters! All of our emoticons are FREE, and can be used on social networking sites and chats (e.g. Facebook, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, etc). So go ahead and discover the cool stuff we've got waiting for you. Enjoy!

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