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Yes emoticons

Whenever we agree with someone or accept something, we use the affirmative words such as Yes and other similar words to communicate our agreement or approval. That is no different for those of us who spend a significant amount of our waking hours online and communicate via internet services and programs like Messenger and Facebook and on our smart phones (e.g. iPhone, Android etc.) What we have here is a collection of graphics and texts which will help you whenever or wherever you need to express agreement or a positive response. They all are free and animated and fun to use. Please don't forget to leave a comment if what you need is not included in the collection.

happy nodding smiley face smiley
Happy Nodding Smiley Face
big thumbs up smiley
Big Thumbs Up
awesome smiley
giving thumbs up winking smiley
Giving Thumbs Up Winking
saying yes nodding smiley
Saying Yes Nodding
winking thumbs up smiley
Winking Thumbs up
small animated ok text smiley
Small animated OK Text
double thumbs up smiley
Double Thumbs Up
two thumbs up smiley
Two thumbs up
huge thumbs up smiley
Huge Thumbs Up
shake hands smiley
Shake hands
good job smiley
Good job
yes fist pump smiley
Yes Fist Pump
smiley says yes smiley
Smiley Says Yes
friendship handshake smiley
Friendship Handshake
handshake smiley
nodding yes by a very happy smiley
Nodding Yes by a Very Happy
thumbs up hand gesture smiley
Thumbs Up Hand Gesture
yes sir bow down smiley
Yes Sir Bow Down
nod yes smiley
Nod yes
ok sign smiley
Ok Sign
shaking hands smiley
Shaking hands
fist pump smiley
Fist pump
little bear nodding yes smiley
Little Bear Nodding Yes
cool check mark symbol and ok smiley
Cool Check Mark Symbol and OK
giving thumbs up smiley
Giving thumbs up
happy yes smiley
Happy Yes
army guy yes sir smiley
Army Guy Yes Sir
smileys shaking hands smiley
Smileys Shaking Hands
a-okay hand gesture smiley
A-Okay Hand Gesture
flashing yeah smiley
Flashing Yeah
nodding yes and winking smiley
Nodding Yes and Winking
ok hand smiley
Ok Hand
yeah baby smiley
Yeah Baby
fist pump and yes smiley
Fist Pump and Yes
yes yes smiley
Yes Yes
green yes text smiley
Green Yes Text
animated yep smiley
Animated Yep
animated italian si text smiley
Animated Italian Si Text
yes, i fully agree smiley
Yes, I Fully Agree
cute panda bear nodding yes smiley
Cute Panda Bear Nodding Yes
thumbs up approval from crazy guy smiley
Thumbs Up approval from crazy guy
ok and thumbs up smiley
OK and Thumbs Up
animated spanish si text smiley
Animated Spanish Si Text
yeah right smiley
Yeah Right
thumbs up smiley
Thumbs Up
shaking hands in agreement smiley
Shaking hands in agreement
green thumbs up smiley
Green Thumbs Up
agree to disagree smiley
Agree To Disagree
thumbs up! smiley
Thumbs Up!
nodding yes smiley
Nodding Yes
shouting yes smiley
Shouting Yes
blue yes text smiley
Blue Yes Text
cursor on the ok button smiley
Cursor on the OK button
yes speech bubble smiley
Yes Speech Bubble
crazy guy says yes smiley
Crazy Guy Says Yes
small ok sign smiley
Small Ok Sign
flaming ok smiley
Flaming OK
flashing pink yes smiley
Flashing Pink Yes
animated french oui text smiley
Animated French Oui Text
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