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Gun Emoticons

Looking for some smiley with guns? We've got them all, and they're all for free. Check out our massive selection of animated emoticons!

suicide emoticon
smiley killing himself emoticon
Smiley killing himself
headshot suicide emoticon
Headshot Suicide
headshot suicide emoticon
Headshot suicide
big machine gun emoticon
Big Machine Gun
rambo emoticon
shot in the head emoticon
Shot in the head
cowboy shooting gun emoticon
Cowboy Shooting gun
shooting guns emoticon
Shooting guns
grenade launcher emoticon
Grenade Launcher
just shoot me emoticon
Just shoot me
suicidal smiley emoticon
Suicidal Smiley
ak-47 emoticon
machine gun emoticon
Machine gun
double pistols emoticon
Double pistols
shit gun emoticon
Shit gun
shooting banana emoticon
Shooting banana
pistol emoticon
dynamite emoticon
smiley shooting gun emoticon
Smiley shooting gun
sniper emoticon
gangster with gun emoticon
Gangster with gun
double barrel shotgun emoticon
Double Barrel Shotgun
transformer gun emoticon
Transformer Gun
mafia gangster emoticon
Mafia Gangster
shooting jeep emoticon
Shooting Jeep
monkey shooting a gun emoticon
Monkey Shooting A Gun
submachine gun emoticon
Submachine Gun
shooting gangster emoticon
Shooting Gangster
smiley face shooting emoticon
Smiley face shooting
shotgun emoticon
shooting m16 emoticon
Shooting M16
gun emoticon
shot in the foot emoticon
Shot in the foot
grenade toss emoticon
Grenade Toss
rocket launcher emoticon
Rocket Launcher
laser gun emoticon
Laser Gun
scarface emoticon
flamethrower emoticon
shooting soldier emoticon
Shooting Soldier
firing cat emoticon
Firing Cat
shooting uzi emoticon
Shooting Uzi
rifle emoticon
smiley gun emoticon
Smiley Gun
laser blaster emoticon
Laser Blaster
soldier with gun emoticon
Soldier with gun
female gangster emoticon
Female Gangster
shooting emoticon
shooting turkey emoticon
Shooting Turkey
gangster emoticon
rocket launcher emoticon
Rocket Launcher
mafia mobster emoticon
Mafia mobster
hunting turkey emoticon
Hunting Turkey
bullets emoticon
grenade emoticon
guy with gun emoticon
Guy with gun
railgun emoticon
policeman emoticon
chick with a gun emoticon
Chick with a gun
pilgrim with gun emoticon
Pilgrim with gun
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in rambo on 09 Sep, 2019

Good Smileys and emojis. This shooting gun emojicon does the trick for me!

in sniper on 18 Jul, 2019

Sad indeed that we need to seek out these suicidal emojis.

in suicidal smiley on 20 Apr, 2019

How to use Rambo shooting emoji in Skype?

in rambo on 17 Apr, 2019

Boom. Finally some good emojis!

in suicidal smiley on 16 Mar, 2019

Gun Smileys

Guns are special weapons that discharge bullets at high speeds. These firearms are the main type of weaponry used by humans in modern warfare and hunting.

Just like the real world, our emoticons have many different types of guns, including machine guns, shotguns and even sniper rifles! Most of our emoticons are animated, and the best part is that you don't even need to be a professional gunman to use them! Many of them are very funny and extremely creative (and they never run out of bullets).

These killer weapons are banned in most parts of the world, excluding USA and a few other countries. By no means do we recommend or promote the use of guns and violence as a solution to life's problems. We do not believe the use of guns is justified if used to get what you want through force and aggression. The gun smileys in this section of our emoticon archives are just presenting the funny and humorous side of this issue and are not to be taken seriously! So please have a laugh and forget about the rest of it! In other words: Take It Easy!

To learn more about firearms, you can visit the Wikipedia page which has a lot of technical and historical details on the subject.

You can use any smiley from this page and send it to someone using just about any means that you like. Post them on Facebook, MySpace or forums. You can also use them in your chat programs like Skype, MSN and Yahoo Messenger. We hope that you enjoy them, please feel free to contact us through the main menu and give us your feedback.

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