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Housework emoticons

It takes a lot of work to clean and run a household, so we definitely need lots of smiley faces for this topic! The emoticons we have on this page are very busy doing their housework and they take it rather seriously. They're hard workers and like to maintain a clean and tidy home. You can send these animations to your friends on Facebook, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, emails or on forums. We hope you like them, and maybe they'll encourage you to do some housekeeping!

sweeping with broom smiley
Sweeping with broom
mowing the lawn smiley
Mowing The Lawn
vacuum cleaner smiley
Vacuum cleaner
ironing smiley
sweeping smiley
laundry smiley
washing machine smiley
Washing machine
hammer smiley
washing clothes smiley
Washing clothes
inside a washing machine smiley
Inside a Washing machine
housewife smiley
washing dishes smiley
Washing Dishes
maid smiley
cleaner smiley
babysitting smiley
gardening smiley
vacuuming smiley
mopping smiley
brushing teeth smiley
Brushing Teeth
spring cleaning smiley
Spring Cleaning
washing the dishes smiley
Washing the dishes
bubble bath smiley
Bubble Bath
mopping smiley
cleaning windows smiley
Cleaning Windows
ironing clothes smiley
Ironing clothes
raking leaves smiley
Raking Leaves
doing dishes smiley
Doing dishes
dusting smiley
cleaning leaves smiley
Cleaning Leaves
flower smiley
gardening smiley
kitty cleaning smiley
Kitty cleaning
flossing smiley
shopping smiley
making the bed smiley
Making The Bed
smiley hedge smiley
Smiley Hedge
plumber accident smiley
Plumber accident
earth smiley

There are 38 emoticons in the Housework emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Fabulous... Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!!! 👱‍♀️❣

in gardening on 30 May, 2021

First World Problems. Virus was the bait for the vaccine. WAKE UP!

in mowing the lawn on 27 Mar, 2021

Evidently no one creating emojis has EVER mowed a lawn with a ridding lawn...

in mowing the lawn on 28 Mar, 2020

Get all that laundry done! Donate everything you discover that really never...

in washing machine on 19 Mar, 2020

So cute, my wife will love this forever.

in kitty cleaning on 08 Aug, 2019
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