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Word Emoticons

Looking for some word emoticons to add some color to your MSN conversations? Replace the boring text with these free animated emoticons!

animated hello emoticon
Animated hello
bye emoticon
brb emoticon
animated hi emoticon
Animated Hi
hi emoticon
what's up (sup) emoticon
What's up (sup)
hi sexy emoticon
Hi Sexy
bla bla talking hand emoticon
Bla Bla talking hand
girly hi emoticon
Girly hi
saying you're welcome emoticon
Saying You're Welcome
crap emoticon
good luck emoticon
Good Luck
omg emoticon
ok emoticon
smiley says you're welcome emoticon
Smiley says You're Welcome
thank you text emoticon
Thank You text
fuck emoticon
hey yo emoticon
Hey Yo
bullshit bs emoticon
Bullshit BS
hehe emoticon
smiley says sorry emoticon
Smiley says sorry
it's friday emoticon
It's Friday
kick ass emoticon
Kick Ass
naked emoticon
it's weekend time! emoticon
It's Weekend Time!
oh shit emoticon
Oh Shit
smiley says thank you emoticon
Smiley says thank you
ha ha ha emoticon
Ha Ha Ha
yes master emoticon
Yes Master
happy weekend emoticon
Happy Weekend
haha emoticon
nice day sign emoticon
Nice Day Sign
bitch emoticon
congrats emoticon
shit happens emoticon
Shit Happens
congratulations! emoticon
are you there emoticon
Are you there
commend great emoticon
Commend Great
horney emoticon
hello wave emoticon
Hello wave
hola emoticon
peace emoticon
wtf emoticon
you're welcome emoticon
You're Welcome
welcome back emoticon
Welcome Back
have a great weekend emoticon
Have a great weekend
have a nice day emoticon
Have A Nice Day
thank you emoticon
Thank you
blah blah blah parrot emoticon
Blah Blah Blah Parrot
omg glitter emoticon
OMG glitter
yuck emoticon
wtf question mark sign emoticon
WTF Question Mark Sign
sad bye emoticon
Sad bye
omg shocked emoticon
OMG shocked
omg text emoticon
OMG text
nice day thumbs up emoticon
Nice Day Thumbs up
flashing omg emoticon
Flashing OMG
you rock! emoticon
You Rock!
ok wink emoticon
OK wink
more drama plz emoticon
More Drama Plz
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I wish other 16 yr olds would use these :((

in brb letters on 07 Jun, 2022

world famous reptacular

in help on 16 Feb, 2022

Have a great snowy weekend!

in happy weekend on 29 Jan, 2022

You welcome Beautiful

in saying... on 26 Sep, 2021

Thanks sooo much for your speedy service to complete my income tax!

in thank you text on 18 Mar, 2020

MSN Words

Word Emoticons are special animations designed to replace common words and phrases in chats.

These word emoticons are a great way to change text to colorful animations. These emoticons are most popular on MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger where many users like to replace words with emoticons of the same text.

Usage can vary according to the shortcuts you assign the emoticons. You can give them shortcuts that are just words (such as hey, hello, thanks) so that the emoticons appear each and every time you use those words. You may only wish for the emoticons to appear at specific time, in this case you should setup more unique keyboard shortcuts such as ;hi, ;brb or @lol. This stops the icons from appearing unless you want them to be displayed.

As you can see many of these free word emoticons are quite creative and clever; they complement the word being displayed with a related animation. We're always adding new animated words, so come back often to get the newest ones.

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