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Animated Hi Emoticon

Animated Hi animated emoticon
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Start off your instant messages in a bright and colorful way with this hi emoticon. This is a pink emoticon that has an exclamation mark at the end which looks like a hand waving hello. Another very cool word emoticon for MSN.

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User comments (133)

Anonymous said:21 Jan '18

How I can get Hi emojis and emoticons for free?

JIMMX said:06 Aug '17

I love them all, they're wonderful animations.

Anonymous said:15 Jul '17

Yes, it's a sweet animated Hi emoji.

Emoji Fan said:16 Jun '16

I spend a lot of time on Snapchat and facebook and sometimes on skype and love to get this "Hi" emoji and other related emojis on my phone.

Anonymous said:12 Jan '16

Hi guys and welcome to all new members.

Anonymous said:05 Jul '15

How can I download emoticons for hi?

Anonymous said:30 Dec '13

This animated Hi emoji is good to attract someone's attention in conversations on Skype or Facebook chat.

Jana said:28 Sep '13

It's so nice. Thanks. I waited long to get something like this.

Anonymous said:15 Jul '13

hi Friendz. How are you?

Anonymous said:07 Apr '13

I love this Hi in pink

Anonymous said:24 Mar '13

hi everbody how are u

lina said:18 Mar '13

hi every body? are you?..

Anonymous said:09 Nov '12

hi everyone!

Anonymous said:29 Sep '12

How do u save it????????

lillia said:15 Aug '12

how do u save it ?????

Anonymous said:08 Aug '12

WOW... It's so very nice.

Anonymous said:05 Jul '12

these smilies r cool !!!

Rikki said:28 Apr '12

very funny bad Santa that is!!

Rikki said:28 Apr '12

ha ha ha bad Santa!! haha haha

Anonymous said:23 Mar '12

its verry cool, i like this smileys

Anonymous said:04 Nov '11

Best :p

leandra said:18 Oct '11

very beautiful :D
just continue

Anonymous said:27 Jun '11

this is funny!

Anonymous said:30 May '11

there aren't so many emos :(

Anonymous said:19 Apr '11


Brenda Asnicar Real said:16 Apr '11

Soy Divina us Yo soy Divina !Soy Loca del usa tu!
Adioss Gemes!

l*o*v*e said:09 Apr '11

cool its great wow they are amazing!!!

l.j said:21 Feb '11

wow they are amazing!!!

hahaha said:28 Jan '11

emoticons for msn! I love this!!!!!

iluv mugwai (my cat) said:17 Jan '11

oh I wish there was even more smileys for Facebook!!

Anonymous said:08 Jan '11

this website rocks! has so many stuff

Anonymous said:04 Jan '11

how can i download it to my emoticons file?

noen said:03 Jan '11

nice! why u don't look, maybe you will like it????

amira said:02 Jan '11

i can just say "WOW"

amira said:02 Jan '11

this website is sick man! its well cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:25 Dec '10

hey everybody Merry Christmas

Anonymous said:22 Dec '10

i love this website, it has cool stuff!!!

Anonymous said:28 Nov '10

xxxx so cool x i love it soooo much

Anonymous said:31 Oct '10

iilovee this website xx

Anonymous said:28 Oct '10

iilovee this website xx

Details for animated hi

Suggested shortcut: /hi
Tags: Hi, Hello, Greet
Filename: hi-wave.gif

  • The Animated Hi emoticon is Animated
  • Animated Hi icon file size: 1.52 kB (1555)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Animated Hi' is animated in 2 frames, the animation is 0.48 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 61 by 39 pixels and has 64 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Animated Hi

To use the Animated Hi icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free MSN Words emoticons like the animated hi icon, visit the Word Emoticons pack.

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