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What's up (sup) Emoticon

What's up (sup) animated emoticon
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A common thing to do when you see your friends is to ask them "what's up?" (sometimes with a little nod of your head). Now you can do this online with this cool sup emoticon, complete with a nodding animation. Works nicely in MSN.

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User comments (36)

Anonymous said:25 Nov '17

Sup Alabama dude... I'm working...

Mooneyka said:21 Dec '12

Fun awesome what that haaa

Anonymous said:20 Feb '12

dis is cool how do u download it

Anonymous said:21 Sep '11

AWESOME! luv this website!

emogirl said:01 Dec '10

I know for sure it's free and cool too.

stary wary said:01 Dec '10

is it free??? its wel cool???? sum1 plz answer my question..... :)

princess said:26 Oct '10

how do u download it? is it free?

millsj said:18 Oct '10

shall i downloud them or not

Anonymous said:06 Sep '10

good website, like everything here; emoticons, emoticon stealer, emoticon maker, nudgemania...and a lot more. I've taken every thing for free ha ha ha ha...thanks guys!!

C said:19 May '10


peaceout said:02 May '10

best emoticons ever, i love them.

Anonymous said:04 Apr '10

this is like a mint dude!

Anonymous said:22 Mar '10


Anonymous said:13 Mar '10

how do u add it?

Chick2010Devil said:21 Feb '10

this is sick! how do u download them?

r said:20 Feb '10

nice and coooooooool

Anonymous said:28 Jan '10

how do you dowload them

Anonymous said:07 Jan '10

teleia istoselida!!!!

Suup said:06 Jan '10

I LIKE IT HAhahahahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

Lara x said:12 Dec '09

yh thts wot i would say tooo it is good but u need to make the site bigger and put more stuff on it xxxxx

Anonymous said:05 Dec '09

this is a good web site and u should make moree plz xxxx

Anonymous said:27 Nov '09

that emoticon is so gangsta!! all you gangster wannabes can try using it haha

rubber duck lover said:29 Aug '09


Anonymous said:25 Jul '09

cool!emoticons im gonna add them

Anonymous said:08 Jul '09

this website has cool emoticons

smallgal alwaez said:23 May '09

i use msn, when i'm bored yea...~_~..*

annnomose said:10 Apr '09

i use msn! im bored LMFAO

Shαnnon. said:18 Mar '09

There isn't enough emoticons. But I love the symbols!
This site is αmαzing =]

Anonymous said:05 Mar '09

Oh My Godd This Website is the bestt !

niikkiii said:20 Feb '09

goooood init lool love yaa

Anonymous said:07 Feb '09

bored yhyhyhyhy! how doo you download this!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:01 Feb '09

can someone help me how to download the pics

vivi said:01 Feb '09

the rolling laughter is good but not the best.

vivi said:01 Feb '09

i like the hi one, its dead on funkalicious

Anonymous said:13 Nov '08

i like that pink hi i love that

will said:28 Oct '08

u can only see half the emoticon :S

Details for what's up (sup)

Suggested shortcut: ;sup
Tags: Sup, Whassup, Greet, Nod
Filename: sup.gif

  • The What's up (sup) emoticon is Animated
  • What's up (sup) icon file size: 6.07 kB (6220)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'What's up (sup)' is animated in 11 frames, the animation is 2.48 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 48 by 48 pixels and has 31 colors.

Codes for What's up (sup)

To use the What's up (sup) icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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