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BRB Emoticon

BRB animated emoticon
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This is one of the most hilarious BRB emoticons we've ever seen. The letters BRB flash on the screen and we then see a stickman who starts to run as fast as he can. A great animated emoticon to show that you need to step away for a second and you'll be right back, in a flash!

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User comments (93)

kellyann said:03 Oct '13

how to download these emotions on text? I'm not seeing a download button.

lottie said:23 Nov '12

hi aidan its lottie u no me dont ya!! =)

lottie said:23 Nov '12

lottie loves msn do u guys???

lottie the said:23 Nov '12

yeah i'll brb lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:11 Aug '12

SO Happy Thx :) I will use it in my Hotmail.

♥Beautiful Latina said:18 Jul '12


SAMY786G-STAR said:09 Jul '12


Anonymous said:02 Jun '12

i love this page sooo much i am coming here every time i am on msn :) i am so happy with this page.

skyla said:23 Apr '12

bahahahhaha runnign chicken

sherineeeeeeeeeeeeee said:23 Apr '12

why!!!!!! and where do you get this frommmmmmmmmmmmmm

aidan said:23 Apr '12

bahhahaha what nice aniamtions lol brb

Anonymous said:15 Apr '12

how do u downloaad it to msn?? anyone can help??

Anonymous said:17 Feb '12

awesome this stuff rocks

hearty Boy said:21 Jun '11

wow these are great icons. Good site. Although more stuff is better to be added ;) Thank you!

bob said:12 Apr '11

wha sup lad. im from liverpool

Anonymous said:29 Mar '11

cool i want it now now now now mate

Anonymous said:06 Mar '11

i use them for msn and they r gr8

Nour said:06 Mar '11

nic one :))))))))))))))

Anonymous said:24 Feb '11

there amazing i want it x

someone! said:20 Feb '11

Are there any more GOOD brb emoticons!?

Rando$ said:19 Feb '11

It's very nice :)))))))))))))))

Anonymous said:11 Jan '11

it dose not work. how do u do it? i tried it on my chat on facebook but it doesn't work.

Anonymous said:09 Jan '11

i have's brill!!!

zaria said:06 Jan '11

cool this i very awsome like really!

Anonymous said:01 Jan '11

it's brilliant and i really like it.

emotty said:21 Dec '10

they are really beautiful animations.

Beth said:06 Dec '10

i love this website, it's amazing!!

Anonymous said:16 Nov '10


Anonymous said:16 Nov '10

it's very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie said:03 Nov '10

i want it so much it looks well cool for msn

kay said:24 Oct '10

ha ha that is freaking funny!!! he runs away so fast.

Anonymous said:17 Oct '10

ahhaa:L lol funny as...?

Jake Jones said:07 Sep '10

Hilarious ... man aren't they? LOL :D

Anonymous said:16 Jun '10

hey soul sister you belong with me

DYLAN said:04 Jun '10

i just like sendin comments lol

DYLAN said:04 Jun '10


кαямαи said:29 May '10

you have to download them to out them on MSN

Anonymous said:25 May '10

This is how to use these emoticons on your msn:You put these emotions on msn and then save any emotion on your shared area. click on someone name randomly then click on the the SMILEY FACE and then click SHOW ALL. when u click SHOW ALL it should say CREATE on the right hand corner. click on CREATE and click FIND IMAGE and click on the image and type in what you want to press so it comes on your msn when your talking to someone it is really easy.

me and moi said:20 May '10

very interesting... love it!

Anonymous said:07 May '10

how do you put them on msn messenger?

Details for brb

Suggested shortcut: /brb
Tags: Brb, Stickman, Back, Running
Filename: brb.gif

  • The BRB emoticon is Animated
  • BRB icon file size: 22.04 kB (22565)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'BRB' is animated in 97 frames, the animation is 8.22 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 217 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for BRB

To use the BRB icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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