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Sad Emoticons

Feeling depressed and gloomy? Show your sadness and misery with these sad emoticons and smileys. All of these animated emoticons are free to download.

suicide emoticon
smiley killing himself emoticon
Smiley killing himself
crying emoticon
headshot suicide emoticon
Headshot suicide
sorry smiley face emoticon
Sorry smiley face
crying and blowing nose emoticon
Crying and blowing nose
i'm sorry emoticon
I'm Sorry
crying with laughter emoticon
Crying with Laughter
depressed emoticon
sad crying smiley face emoticon
Sad crying smiley face
sad face emoticon
Sad face
super sad emoticon
Super sad
pouting emoticon
crybaby emoticon
sad emoticon
big tears emoticon
Big tears
crying fountain emoticon
Crying fountain
smiley face crying emoticon
Smiley face crying
3d crying sad face emoticon
3D Crying Sad Face
crying and sniffling emoticon
Crying and sniffling
goodbye tears emoticon
Goodbye tears
big smiley crying emoticon
Big Smiley Crying
teary sad face emoticon
Teary Sad Face
pouting face emoticon
Pouting face
very sad emoticon
Very Sad
deep sigh emoticon
Deep Sigh
crying smiley face emoticon
Crying smiley face
cute sad smiley emoticon
Cute Sad Smiley
super sad face emoticon
Super Sad Face
cute kitten sorry emoticon
Cute Kitten Sorry
shaking head sad emoticon
Shaking Head Sad
crying into tissue emoticon
Crying Into Tissue
crying and sobbing emoticon
Crying and sobbing
sad face with tears emoticon
Sad Face with Tears
disappointed emoticon
heart broken emoticon
Heart Broken
cute blue bird crying emoticon
Cute Blue Bird Crying
frustrated emoticon
shaking no emoticon
Shaking No
sad puppy emoticon
Sad Puppy
pouty face emoticon
Pouty Face
sad and sorry emoticon
Sad and Sorry
blue bye-bye emoticon
Blue Bye-Bye
crying hello kitty emoticon
Crying Hello Kitty
crying a puddle emoticon
Crying a puddle
upset smiley emoticon
Upset Smiley
crying girl emoticon
Crying girl
i'm very sorry emoticon
I'm Very Sorry
sad tears emoticon
Sad Tears
curly lips sorry smiley emoticon
Curly Lips Sorry Smiley
unhappy smiley emoticon
Unhappy Smiley
gloomy emoticon
pouty emoticon
pingu crying emoticon
Pingu Crying
sad cute puppy emoticon
Sad Cute Puppy
cute puppy crying emoticon
Cute Puppy Crying
really sorry emoticon
Really Sorry
crying goodbye emoticon
Crying Goodbye
crying emoticon
regret emoticon
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Recent Comments:

This emoji does not look anything like a sour face.

in sour face on 09 Apr, 2018


in teary sad face on 29 Mar, 2018

I thought I was going to download.

in cute sad smiley on 25 Mar, 2018

I LOVE your site. So great to be able to use über-creative funny ANIMATED...

in apology on 23 Mar, 2018

Disgusted. You should remove them.

in headshot... on 19 Feb, 2018

Sad and crying smileys

Online communication is an excellent way to stay in touch with your friends and your family and loved ones and also to find new friends. Communicating online can become very icy if you are not able to express yourself properly. Sometimes we are lazy to use the appropriate words and to put them together in a way that could explain what exactly we mean or how exactly we feel. That's why many people choose smileys and emoticons to convey their emotions easier and faster while talking to their friends online. Smilies make our life much easier while communicating online, this is particularly true with sad emoticons. The reason for this is that when we feel sad, we are less patient with the words and use of a sad emoticon would definitely convey our sadness much more efficiently.

Let the sad emoticons say it for you

If you can't say it, then display it! Just send across a sad smilie. Being a human, it's perfectly normal for us to feel sad and depressed every now and then. There are good times and there are bad times. Sometimes we need to feel sad in order to heal. So you don't have to be ashamed of your sad emotion. We need to experience sadness in order to appreciate the happiness; Without darkness, light has no meaning.

Pick your smiley

Feeling down in the dumps or have a lump in your throat? Get the message across with an emoticon. We have gathered a large collection of sad smiley faces and crying emoticons for you. The collection includes all kinds of emoticons to express sadness, sorrow, misery, pain, tears and unhappiness. Some crying emoticons are also included.

If you would like to make your own unique sad emoticon, using your own personal pictures and photos you can use our emoticon maker which is an excellent tool for creating your own personalized icons and avatars. To learn more about this tool click here. Fans of MSN names can also take a look at some of our sad names that you can put in your nicknames or personal messages.

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