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tearing goodbye emoticon
Tearing Goodbye
crying and sorry little monkey emoticon
Crying and Sorry Little Monkey
don't worry be happy emoticon
Don't Worry Be Happy
animated no emoticon
Animated No
sad to say bon voyage emoticon
Sad to Say Bon Voyage
sad kitty emoticon
Sad Kitty
crying sad hello kitty emoticon
Crying Sad Hello Kitty
crying sad waving bye emoticon
Crying Sad Waving Bye
shedding tears emoticon
Shedding tears
sorrow emoticon
sad crying kitty emoticon
Sad crying kitty
lonely emoticon
sad eyes emoticon
Sad Eyes
not happy to say bye bye emoticon
Not Happy to Say Bye Bye
really sad emoticon
Really Sad
happy crying emoticon
Happy Crying
apology emoticon
really sad face smiley emoticon
Really Sad Face Smiley
crying penguin emoticon
Crying Penguin
cheer up emoticon
Cheer Up
crying forever alone emoticon
Crying Forever Alone
smiley cries emoticon
Smiley cries
oh well emoticon
Oh Well
funny thumbs down emoticon
Funny Thumbs Down
sad to say goodbye emoticon
Sad to Say Goodbye
feeling blue emoticon
Feeling Blue
hopeless smiley emoticon
Hopeless Smiley
fluffy white cat crying emoticon
Fluffy White Cat Crying
sad crying smiley emoticon
Sad Crying Smiley
apology emoticon
sad farewell emoticon
Sad Farewell
melancholy emoticon
kitten sorry emoticon
Kitten Sorry
unhappy face emoticon
Unhappy Face
sad no emoticon
Sad No
sad book emoticon
Sad book
crying baby emoticon
Crying Baby
sad nope emoticon
Sad Nope
depressed emoticon
very sad emoticon
Very Sad
sorry and curly lips emoticon
Sorry and Curly Lips
don't be sad emoticon
Don't Be Sad
sad and sorry emoticon
Sad and Sorry
crying cloud emoticon
Crying cloud
sobbing sad don't worry emoticon
Sobbing Sad Don't Worry
cute blue good bye emoticon
Cute Blue Good Bye
mood swing emoticon
Mood Swing
tearful apology emoticon
Tearful Apology
sad to happy emoticon
Sad to Happy
i'll cry emoticon
I'll Cry
sad blinking emoticon
Sad blinking
sad nodding emoticon
Sad Nodding
emo musician smiley crying emoticon
Emo Musician Smiley Crying
i'm so sad emoticon
I'm So Sad
forever alone rage emoticon
Forever Alone Rage
gloomy emoticon
sour face emoticon
Sour Face
sorry look emoticon
Sorry Look
cartoon moon crying emoticon
Cartoon Moon Crying
anguish emoticon
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Recent Comments:

These crying hard emojis are made so perfectly. Bravo! Love to get it on my...

in big tears on 14 Jun, 2018

I love this shaking head No emoji! He's kinda saying: No means No!

in sad nope on 09 Jun, 2018

Saying Goodbye Can you do just a human hand emoji emoticon waving a...

in tearing goodbye on 04 Jun, 2018

Have you asked for help? Counseling may bring huge relief...

in suicide on 28 May, 2018

I'm commiting suicide next Monday... hope I go to heaven... bye everyone.

in suicide on 23 May, 2018
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