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Office emoticons

The smileys and emoticons in this section are all office workers. These animations and graphics are all about what goes on when they go to work. Most of these smiley faces wear suits, but it doesn't mean they can't have fun! Send them on Facebook, emails, forums and chats. They're all free to download and use. HAVE FUN!

coffee machine smiley
Coffee machine
it's friday smiley
It's Friday
busy office work smiley
Busy Office Work
it's weekend time! smiley
It's Weekend Time!
yes sir bow down smiley
Yes Sir Bow Down
office chair smiley
Office chair
meeting smiley
accountant smiley
have a great weekend smiley
Have a great weekend
it's the weekend smiley
It's the weekend
have a gr8 weekend smiley
Have A Gr8 Weekend
sleeping on a desk smiley
Sleeping on a Desk
back stabber smiley
Back Stabber
office desk smiley
Office Desk
office basketball smiley
Office basketball
paper work smiley
Paper Work
presentation smiley
butt photocopy smiley
Butt photocopy
gossip smiley
off to work smiley
Off To Work
paycheck smiley
computing smiley
office romance smiley
Office Romance

There are 23 emoticons in the Office emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

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in accountant on 04 Jul, 2017

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in office desk on 19 Jun, 2017

How can I get this? Please advise.

in accountant on 13 May, 2017

Nice talking... Loved the gossip

in gossip on 05 Feb, 2017

Their cuteness and happy expression is contagious. thank you for making this...

in computing on 08 Nov, 2016
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