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School emoticons

Just about all of us go to school when we're young and it's an important phase of our lives. Some people continue to study even after high school, usually in colleges and universities. Education is an important matter and that's why we've got this big selection of smileys and emoticons about it. These smiley faces are all about students, studying and a little bit of mischief! We hope that you'll enjoy using them on Facebook, emails, forums or your chats (MSN, Skype, Yahoo, etc). Have fun!

it's friday smiley
It's Friday
school bus smiley
School bus
studying smiley
back to school smiley
Back to School
teacher smiley
have a great weekend smiley
Have a great weekend
student smiley
studying for exam smiley
Studying for exam
student head explodes smiley
Student Head Explodes
it's the weekend smiley
It's the weekend
teacher smiley
sleeping on a desk smiley
Sleeping on a Desk
math problem smiley
Math Problem
reading stories smiley
Reading Stories
yellow school bus smiley
Yellow School Bus
tripping smiley
school bus smiley
School Bus
boring lecture smiley
Boring Lecture
studying in class smiley
Studying in class
school bag smiley
School bag
snow day smiley
Snow Day
graduation you did it smiley
Graduation You Did It
students smiley
cheater smiley
spitball smiley
at school smiley
At School
no school tomorrow smiley
No School tomorrow
school's out for summer smiley
School's Out For Summer
schoolboy smiley
computing smiley
teacher day smiley
Teacher Day
school uniform smiley
School Uniform
cheating on test smiley
Cheating on test
no school today smiley
No School today
school's out smiley
School's Out
stuck in locker smiley
Stuck in locker
glitter ruler smiley
Glitter Ruler
abacus smiley
notebook smiley
school is out smiley
School is Out
cheating at school smiley
Cheating at School
nerd smiley
school supplies smiley
School Supplies
chalkboard smiley

There are 44 emoticons in the School emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

It's so beautiful and funny.

in studying in... on 26 Aug, 2020

It is perfect emoji for the weekend!!

in it's the... on 23 Jan, 2020

Cool school emojis. Thank you.

in school bus on 21 Oct, 2019

The emoji on the left side of the frame is cheating! He is copying the work...

in at school on 25 May, 2019

2017! Yeah! New videos in 2017!

in abacus on 03 Jan, 2019
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