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Fighting Emoticons

These smiley faces are bad boys who love to fight! They punch, kick, slap and bite their way to domination over each other. If you're looking for animated fighting smileys and emoticons, you've come to the right site. ALL of these are FREE to download.

beating head against the wall emoticon
Beating head against the wall
slapping emoticon
ass kicking emoticon
Ass Kicking
face slap emoticon
Face Slap
spanking emoticon
bash head emoticon
Bash Head
stabbing emoticon
samurai suicide emoticon
Samurai suicide
waving white flag emoticon
Waving White Flag
setting himself on fire emoticon
Setting himself On fire
strangling emoticon
hair on fire emoticon
Hair on Fire
kick in the balls emoticon
Kick in the Balls
face punch emoticon
Face Punch
smiley face punching emoticon
Smiley face punching
slap in the face emoticon
Slap in the Face
bitchslap emoticon
fighting with baseball bat emoticon
Fighting with Baseball Bat
angel smiley fighting with devil emoticon
Angel Smiley Fighting with Devil
axe murderer emoticon
Axe Murderer
head bash emoticon
Head Bash
smiley with knife emoticon
Smiley with knife
smack self in the head emoticon
Smack Self in the Head
steamroller crush emoticon
Steamroller crush
punch emoticon
poking with stick emoticon
Poking with stick
head smack emoticon
Head Smack
guillotine emoticon
dope slap emoticon
Dope Slap
punch in the face emoticon
Punch in the Face
hair on fire emoticon
Hair on Fire
chainsaw emoticon
throat cut emoticon
Throat cut
slapping emoticon
hanging captured emoticon
Hanging captured
hammer smash emoticon
Hammer Smash
ninja smiley emoticon
Ninja Smiley
smiley fight emoticon
Smiley Fight
groin kick emoticon
Groin Kick
fish slap emoticon
Fish Slap
eye poke emoticon
Eye poke
black eye emoticon
Black Eye
chair to the head emoticon
Chair to the Head
hitting emoticon
running over emoticon
Running Over
knee to head knockout emoticon
Knee to Head Knockout
beaten up emoticon
Beaten Up
bat smash emoticon
Bat smash
viking emoticon
duck and fart emoticon
Duck and Fart
happy pillow fight games emoticon
Happy pillow fight games
cat fight emoticon
Cat Fight
smiley with sword emoticon
Smiley with Sword
frying pan smash emoticon
Frying pan smash
cat fight emoticon
Cat Fight
large knife emoticon
Large Knife
fighting samurai emoticon
Fighting Samurai
pillow fight emoticon
Pillow Fight
seeing stars emoticon
Seeing stars
trout slap emoticon
Trout Slap
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Recent Comments:

This is soooo cute! I love it

in happy pillow... on 28 Sep, 2018

I hates Naruto. Sailor Moon is better.

in punch on 28 Sep, 2018

Haha so funneh nffbfadjhbvxaat it's

in msn icon slap on 22 Sep, 2018

The code for this slap emoji is incorrect and goes to a different emoji....

in slap in the... on 07 Jul, 2018

Wonderful Samurai emoji, I like it. I am Ariyadasa from Sri Lanka.

in samurai suicide on 01 Jul, 2018

Smiley faces that fight

At the end of the day, most of these emoticons are left with bloody noses and black eyes, but they really can't help themselves. Some of these smileys even fight using weapons, and unfortunately a few end up being killed or dying from their injuries!

Just keep in mind that these graphics are meant for fun and we don't encourage you to behave like this at any time. Leave the fights and combat to the real army soldiers on the battlefield. It's understandable that sometimes you have to defend yourself, but you should never be the aggressor even if you get very angry. A fistfight will usually not end well for anyone.

While a fight is counted as a violent act, there is still a funny side to this topic which evokes laughter and the humorous side of it is worth the time spent to design and create each emoticon or smiley here. So send them through on Facebook in your chat messages, MSN Messenger chats or even emails and let your friends have a laugh too. We hope you have fun with these graphics!

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