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Slapping Emoticon

Slapping animated emoticon
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This is a unique slapping emoticon. The beaten guy is almost frozen and cannot defend himself. His mouth is open while he receives those repeated face slaps one after another!! If you also love avatars, you should grab the Zwinky download and create your own ones, it's really fun!

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User comments (22)

Anonymous said:07 May '16

this is my mood this whole week. I wanna fight someone so bad.

the slapping dube $% said:04 Dec '15

Do more slapping @$rich $ (1028)

Anonymous said:24 Nov '15

how to pase it in fb comment b.cos the movements are not shown

Anonymous said:18 Oct '15

lmao!!! excellent thank you

the whisperer said:20 Sep '15

That's way over board lol

Anonymous said:03 Jul '15

nice one !! I love that

srthellcat said:08 Mar '15

I love these. Every time I think of a new way to say something to someone I type it in and you always have something that works. Awesome. I'll be back.

Anonymous said:27 Jan '15

Awesome! Loving it. Will come back for more!

Anonymous said:14 Nov '14


Anonymous said:02 Apr '14

But where is the code??

where is the code ? said:10 Jan '14

where is the code?????

good said:30 Jun '13

where is the code? where? how?

Anonymous said:27 Jun '13

I can not find the code

sasha said:12 Apr '13

where is the code? where? how?

Jughead said:03 Feb '13

Hw do i use this.... should i download it????

ghoose said:22 Jan '13

good symbols.

Anonymous said:26 Dec '12

everyone looking for the code, stop being noobs and simply get the codes by clicking on the "codes" below this page!

Dede said:22 Dec '12

How do I use this where is the code

Anonymous said:10 Dec '12

How can I use it? Where is the code?

Anonymous said:02 Mar '12

awesome! i'm going too put this on my favs.

Anonymous said:28 Feb '12

awsome website, love them all

Anonymous said:06 Feb '12

These are super mega awesome smileys!

Details for slapping

Suggested shortcut: ;slapping
Tags: violence, violent, fight, fighting, face slap, slap, assault, attack, angry, mad, beating, beat, beaten, hit, hitting
Filename: slapping.gif

  • The Slapping emoticon is Animated
  • Slapping icon file size: 9.06 kB (9278)
  • Added on 14 August, 2011
  • Last commented on 07 May, 2016
  • Emoticon category: Violent Emoticons

'Slapping' is animated in 4 frames, the animation is 0.24 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 98 by 71 pixels and has 247 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Show frame details

Showing all 4 frames.

Codes for Slapping

To use the Slapping icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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