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Happy Emoticons

The original smiley face was created a symbol of happiness, so it's only fair that we dedicate a whole section to happy emoticons and smiley faces. All of these animated emoticons are free to download.

big dancing banana emoticon
Big Dancing Banana
happy smiley face emoticon
Happy smiley face
happy dog emoticon
Happy Dog
thumbs up emoticon
Thumbs up
happy smiley emoticon
Happy smiley
happy emoticon
dancing good morning emoticon
Dancing Good Morning
super happy dance emoticon
Super Happy Dance
rolling on the floor laughing emoticon
Rolling On The Floor Laughing
girl happy dance emoticon
Girl Happy Dance
jumping for joy emoticon
Jumping for joy
troll face meme emoticon
Troll face Meme
smiley listening to music emoticon
Smiley listening to music
happy nodding smiley face emoticon
Happy Nodding Smiley Face
woohoo dancing banana emoticon
Woohoo Dancing Banana
happy wink emoticon
Happy wink
content and happy emoticon
Content and Happy
cute 3d smiling emoticon
Cute 3D smiling
happy smiley face emoticon
Happy Smiley Face
smiley says you're welcome emoticon
Smiley says You're Welcome
free happy smile emoticon
Free Happy Smile
dancing kitten emoticon
Dancing Kitten
awesome emoticon
woohoo! jumping emoticon
Woohoo! Jumping
birthday surprise emoticon
Birthday Surprise
content emoticon
good afternoon emoticon
Good Afternoon
cheerful dancing baby emoticon
Cheerful Dancing Baby
excited penguin emoticon
Excited Penguin
troll meme emoticon
Troll Meme
happy dance emoticon
Happy Dance
cheering clapping emoticon
Cheering Clapping
satisfied emoticon
blissful emoticon
pleased emoticon
happy bunny emoticon
Happy Bunny
it's friday emoticon
It's Friday
smiling happy face emoticon
Smiling Happy Face
shit gun emoticon
Shit gun
feeling good emoticon
Feeling Good
big smile emoticon
Big Smile
happy love heart emoticon
Happy Love Heart
happy dancing elephant emoticon
Happy Dancing Elephant
crazy happy dog emoticon
Crazy Happy Dog
dancing smiley face emoticon
Dancing Smiley Face
soccer player dancing emoticon
Soccer Player Dancing
it's weekend time! emoticon
It's Weekend Time!
happy elmo emoticon
Happy Elmo
happy heart emoticon
Happy Heart
happy weekend emoticon
Happy Weekend
happy feet penguin emoticon
Happy Feet Penguin
bouncing emoticon
rainbow emoticon
happy birthday emoticon
Happy Birthday
clicking your heels emoticon
Clicking Your Heels
happy spring emoticon
Happy Spring
happy times emoticon
Happy Times
crazy happy emoticon
Crazy Happy
big grin emoticon
Big grin
raspberry emoticon
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Recent Comments:

Great Job. Love the articles.

in bravo clapping on 15 Jul, 2020

How can I download this with an android phone?

in laughing dog on 29 Mar, 2020

Thank You for these funny faces... They made me smile.

in smiling on 25 Mar, 2020

Yeah I too think it's a shy emoji because it escapes eye contact and lowers...

in shy smile on 13 Mar, 2020

That's not an emoticon!

in shy smile on 10 Mar, 2020

Happy smileys

Although we all live different lives, we have one objective in common; we all pursue genuine lasting happiness. We experience happy emotions when we find true harmony with the environment we live in; when we love what we're doing; when we achieve successful results in what we do; when our dreams are realized; we find luck knocking at our door and couldn't be happier.

We know that it can be hard to smile some days, but it doesn't take much to show how you feel with our happy smileys. Use these emoticons when something wonderful happens and you feel like you're on cloud nine. You can also use them to express good feelings and being content. On the other hand, you could use a sad smiley if you're not feeling too thrilled.

There are numerous occasions and instances that can make us feel happy; and that's why every avid online communicator needs to have plenty of happy emoticons in his emoticon collection to help with expression of those precious beautiful moments of happiness.

All of these smilies and icons will work with MSN and Live Messenger, including the animated emoticons. Each happy smiley face also has HTML codes you can use for forums, MySpace, and such.

We hope you enjoy these smileys. Got a happier emoticon? Use the menu on the left to send it to us.

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