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Happy Emoticon

Happy animated emoticon
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This is one super happy emoticon. As a matter of face, he's so happy that he can't stop himself from dancing and shouting. Happiness is just like a kiss; you only get to enjoy it if you share it! Share this happy smiley with your friends on your instant message chats and make them share your happiness.

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User comments (34)

Free of worries said:20 Sep '14

Now clap along if you're happy!

Anonymous said:15 Sep '14

Can I use this on my comments on facebook?

Anonymous said:17 Oct '13

Can I drag and drop with emails on mac?

Anonymous said:02 Jul '13

I love this emoticons!!!Can this be used in Skype conversations?

lor said:28 Jun '13

i love this emoticon

Anonymous said:11 Jun '13

so cute. lovely. I like it!!

tony said:13 Mar '13


macy student said:30 May '12

Laughing keyboard smileys:

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Laughing hard symbol emoticons:

xD xD xD

Anonymous said:11 Apr '12

ooooooo like them :)

Sanjana said:03 Feb '12

Coolllllllll like meeeee

Anonymous said:20 Jan '12

It is too nice, as people generally react like this.

Anonymous said:22 Dec '11

how to use it in facebook ?

zizi said:16 Sep '11

the penguin is so cute

Soap Actress said:11 Sep '10

i like these so much we are going to put some in our forum. So far we have a few thank you for the emoticons!

Anonymous said:29 Jul '10

these are cool, i like them!! i also saw the happy crying smiley on here and that was so awesome as well!!!!

LOLS said:25 Jul '10

love for all :D LIVE FREE

coolgirl said:03 Feb '10

i like it, but there are no pleading ones!

roxy said:17 Nov '09

those are cool i like it xx

Tayy x said:11 Jul '09

They Are Cool But a Bit Wierd xx:P

kt bby xox said:30 Jun '09

kewl luve em xx well weird tho x

Anonymous said:28 Jun '09

nice emotions............

jojo said:31 May '09

well nice :D
love it :P

enzo said:28 May '09

This is good, I really like it. This is a jewel.

Catskin said:18 May '09

Thats SO cute! heheh

kay! said:23 Apr '09

aha i know i SO love it !
you should come and see sometime!
we'll have to hang out some day call me! I'm always home on every day except Sunday! yeah so just call me we could hang out and if there's no answer just email me or facebook me .. whatever you would like!!! any ways it was really nice talking to ya!!
l8ter ..xox love yah☻♥

Anonymous said:22 Apr '09

ahah lol hehe those crack me up .. teehee

Anonymous said:18 Apr '09

funny and brilliant=)
i love it

Anonymous said:12 Apr '09

How doo u download dis thingg

Anonymous said:22 Mar '09

Cerys Hopkins
great and funny

Beatles maniac said:14 Mar '09

nice =) I love it!!!!

Hattii x said:05 Mar '09

This Website is...undescribable !

Anita said:25 Feb '09

its so niceend o so happy
bye bye anita

KaGe said:05 Feb '09

o.m.g lol!!!!!

pUrki said:03 Oct '08

look at this happy guy dance like crazy, very good

Details for happy

Suggested shortcut: ;happy2
Tags: Happy, Dance, Shout
Filename: happy-dancing.gif

  • The Happy emoticon is Animated
  • Happy icon file size: 7.40 kB (7576)
  • Added on 09 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'Happy' is animated in 22 frames, the animation is 2.95 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 42 by 27 pixels and has 96 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Happy

To use the Happy icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Happy smileys emoticons like the happy icon, visit the Happy Emoticons pack.

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