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Happy smiley Emoticon

Happy smiley animated emoticon
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This smiley is so happy that he's doing a little dance! Be happy, act happy, feel happy with no reason at all and it will pay off by enabling you to excel in whatever you do. So don't look for an excuse to use this free animated emoticon in your instant messenger chats and emails.

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User comments (36)

Eric Cassel said:19 May '16

This is great I've been looking for something to show my happiness for what my friend gave me! Thanks!

Anonymous said:16 Oct '14

Awesome, I love using these icons for my staff when they're doing good work, and for my PowerPoint presentations too.

Mandy said:18 Oct '13

Sick! that is awesome! lol I love using these icons.

Muneeba_Zaman said:03 Jul '13

the best! i am using them on PowerPoint and my classmates just love them!!!!

Sofia said:29 Apr '12

I love these!! nice crazy writing and emotions!

Auras_florin said:06 Jul '11

so good but I want more hidden emoticons! ;)

Smileyfigure!888!!!! said:03 Apr '11

Cool website!! Good animations!

SMILeY said:30 Dec '10


person u dnt no!!! said:10 Dec '10

u gotta download sumin first

Anonymous said:06 Nov '10

Good website, but maybe you could include some suitable ones for younger children between the ages of 4-6 maybe! please

coolgal786 said:13 Aug '10

sick ehhh? this is a very cool smiley...

Anonymous said:11 Aug '10

I'm confused they ain't moving lol

bookface said:12 Feb '10

how do u get any of these to facebook?

Anonymous said:06 Feb '10

find one u want, get on the screen were it says get it free, click. after you're done with that, go on your msn, go on someones chat, click emotions, see all, create, browse, find the emotion, give it a name then click okay. ALL DONE! only takes about 30 secs to do one x

maceface said:21 Jan '10

cool i like da bananas lol!!:)

**** said:11 Jan '10

yeah how do you get them on msn ??

# said:30 Dec '09

how do you type them on msn?

:) said:26 Dec '09

Wow that's well cool xxxxx

tori :) said:11 Dec '09

lmaoo so funny !!!!!!!! :)

Izzy (: said:26 Oct '09

COOOOOOOL! these are chuffin amazinn tbh.

Anonymous said:12 Sep '09

lol! middle finger dancing banana! best site eva

Anonymous said:09 Aug '09

this site is the best for smileys.

Maddi said:23 Jul '09

the banana one's r funny lol :):):):)

Anonymous said:07 Jun '09

lol sum of these r soooo weird lol

x_x_sam_x_x said:21 May '09

i fort these r wicked

Kyle said:18 May '09

cool...That seems funny to me.

fauzie suja said:17 May '09

bagus-bagus tawa emoticons nya

cool girl--x said:03 Apr '09

wow i lurve it!!!! how cool is the dancing santa claus???? lmao :L haha

lil missy said:03 Apr '09

its very good hehe x

Anonymous said:17 Mar '09

odiei o site é uma merda!

natasha said:14 Mar '09

cool picture if i had this i would put it in my bedroom

hahahah (tis mee) said:16 Feb '09

This makes me laugh! :)

Anonymous said:10 Feb '09

very, very cool, TOTAL AWESOMENESS...

Mary :) said:08 Feb '09

haha i like the dancing one, it's funny :)

sexy_girl said:06 Feb '09

hahahaha i love the trippy dancing banana

Anonymous said:01 Feb '09

very good, it's very cheerful

Details for happy smiley

Suggested shortcut: ;happy
Tags: Happy, Dancing, Joy
Filename: happy.gif

  • The Happy smiley emoticon is Animated
  • Happy smiley icon file size: 2.58 kB (2642)
  • Added on 09 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'Happy smiley' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 33 by 23 pixels and has 94 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Happy smiley

To use the Happy smiley icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Happy smileys emoticons like the happy smiley icon, visit the Happy Emoticons pack.

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