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Confused emoticons

There's nothing like an emoticon for when you're confused or puzzled. Our confused smiley faces can help you express yourself well. They're all free and you can use them anywhere you like: Facebook, MSN, Skype, etc. We hope you like our confused emoticons

confused face smiley
Confused face
question mark smiley
Question Mark
i don't know smiley
I don't know
scratching head smiley
Scratching Head
puzzled smiley
yellow smiley confused smiley
Yellow Smiley confused
being confused smiley
Being confused
confused shrug smiley
Confused shrug
confused smiley
wtf question mark sign smiley
WTF Question Mark Sign
dumb look smiley
Dumb Look
huh smiley
confusion smiley
dunno smiley
wondering smiley
i'm confused smiley
I'm confused
confused and unsure smiley
Confused and unsure
confused smiley
reading a map smiley
Reading a map
facing problems smiley
Facing Problems
kitten confused smiley
Kitten Confused
gangster baby confused smiley
Gangster Baby Confused
searching smiley
you talking to me smiley
You Talking to Me
blank look smiley
Blank Look
blank expression smiley
Blank Expression
confused caterpillar smiley
Confused Caterpillar
uncertain smiley
baffled smiley
puzzled smiley
confused and confounded smiley
Confused and Confounded
how u doin' smiley
How U Doin'
suspecting smiley
baffled look smiley
Baffled Look
wanna go out tonight smiley
Wanna Go Out Tonight
date request smiley
Date Request
asking smiley

There are 37 emoticons in the Confused emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Well how bout us? Anything serious?

in i don't know on 25 Feb, 2017

Like them all, but how do I download them?

in confused face on 16 Feb, 2017

Paste it on your forehead, honey !

in scratching head on 27 Dec, 2016

Nice. Very nice,.,..............

in confused face on 11 Sep, 2016

Wow!! this is wonderful!

in confused face on 26 Jun, 2016

Confused smileys

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