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Eating smileys

These smiley faces never miss a meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner! As you can see, they love to eat lots of food, fruits and snacks. Send these eating emoticons on Facebook, MSN, Skype and even email! All of the animated graphics are free to use.

eating popcorn emoticon
Eating popcorn
popcorn emoticon
bbq emoticon
chocolate emoticon
yummy emoticon
eating burger emoticon
Eating Burger
eating pizza emoticon
Eating Pizza
got my mouth full eating emoticon
Got My Mouth Full Eating
spaghetti emoticon
ice cream emoticon
Ice cream
glitter cupcake with cherry emoticon
Glitter Cupcake with Cherry
eating pie emoticon
Eating Pie
eating cookie emoticon
Eating cookie
hamburger waving hello emoticon
Hamburger waving hello
pizza emoticon
picnic emoticon
eating popcorn emoticon
Eating Popcorn
blowing bubble gum emoticon
Blowing bubble gum
smiley eating icecream emoticon
Smiley eating icecream
pancake emoticon
hamburger emoticon
ice cream emoticon
Ice Cream
funny creature chewing emoticon
Funny Creature Chewing
eating chocolate bunny emoticon
Eating Chocolate Bunny
chinese food emoticon
Chinese food
eating sandwich emoticon
Eating sandwich
eating cake emoticon
Eating cake
smiley eating pizza emoticon
Smiley Eating Pizza
salad emoticon
cake emoticon
glitter cupcake emoticon
Glitter Cupcake
hotdog emoticon
doughnut emoticon
eating hot dog emoticon
Eating Hot Dog
eating chocolate emoticon
Eating chocolate
eating sushi emoticon
Eating Sushi
eating breakfast cornflakes emoticon
Eating breakfast cornflakes
sushi emoticon
eating burger emoticon
Eating Burger
eating hamburger emoticon
Eating Hamburger
steak emoticon
eating with chopstick emoticon
Eating with Chopstick
sandwich emoticon
peanut butter emoticon
Peanut butter
watermelon emoticon
eating chinese food emoticon
Eating Chinese food
smelling bbq emoticon
Smelling BBQ
chocolate box emoticon
Chocolate box
breakfast eggs and sausage emoticon
Breakfast Eggs and Sausage
pretzel emoticon
eating a whole cake emoticon
Eating a whole cake
donut emoticon
eat watermelon emoticon
Eat watermelon
ketchup emoticon
eating drumstick emoticon
Eating drumstick
eating emoticon
potato chip emoticon
Potato Chip
bubblegum emoticon
bright breakfast emoticon
Bright Breakfast
lemon emoticon
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in eating... on 05 Jun, 2020

I love this! Pls if this graphic artist who made this spaghetti emoji is...

in spaghetti on 20 Jan, 2020

Aaahhh... I wish I was there!!

in pizza parlor on 10 Sep, 2018

Missing going out for a dinner with my friends! Nicely made pizza eating...

in pizza parlor on 10 Sep, 2018
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