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LOL Emoticons

Here you can find all the LOL Smileys and LOL Emoticons for MSN (and others), most of our LOL icons are animated and very easy to use. Check 'em out!

lol panda emoticon
LOL Panda
moving lol emoticon
Moving LOL
running man lol emoticon
Running man LOL
playboy lol emoticon
Playboy LOL
lol face emoticon
LOL Face
smiley waving a lol flag emoticon
Smiley waving a LOL flag
flashing lol emoticon
Flashing LOL
dancing cat emoticon
Dancing Cat
lol (i'm not laughing) emoticon
LOL (I'm not laughing)
3d spinning lol emoticon
3D spinning LOL
glowing pink lol emoticon
Glowing Pink LOL
small lol emoticon
Small LOL
fading lol emoticon
Fading LOL
smiley face lol emoticon
Smiley face LOL
crazy lol emoticon
Crazy LOL
elephant lol emoticon
Elephant LOL
sparta lol emoticon
Sparta LOL
lol to lmfao emoticon
lol sign emoticon
LOL sign
rgb lol emoticon
lol text fonts emoticon
LOL text fonts
lol laugh smiley emoticon
LOL laugh smiley
double o lol emoticon
Double O LOL
blue glow lol emoticon
Blue glow LOL

There are 24 emoticons in the LOL Emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Legendary LOL emoji!

in smiley... on 07 Sep, 2021

How can I download this running emoji?

in running man lol on 04 Feb, 2021

I'm confused on how to use this LoL text emoji on my facebook and whatsapp...

in lol text fonts on 04 Jun, 2019

Very funny emoticons! Best emoji ever!

in smiley... on 25 May, 2019

Cool LOL emoji. It makes me laugh.

in smiley face lol on 06 Jun, 2018

LOL Icons and Smileys

LOL is said to be the third most popular Internet acronym, so it's popularity as an emoticon comes as no surprise. Almost everyone needs LOL Emoticons, that's why we've got this huge collection!

Thanks to the custom emoticon and animation abilities of MSN and Live Messenger, plenty of LOL Emoticons and icons have been created (we've even got a few LOL smileys). Many of these emoticons are very innovative and creative, and they come in many different colors and styles, so we're sure that you'll find a LOL emoticon that you like. If you don't find the emoticon you need, you can request one by contacting us!

We've also got other ROFL, ROTFL, LMAO and even some LOL variants like lawl, lolz and even lolol. Don't miss out on brightening up your conversations with these great LOL emoticons and icons, because if you do, you certainly won't be LOL! You can add as many of these icons as you like to your Messenger (MSN or Live, etc), and use a different icon each time you laugh.

LOL Usage Controversy

There has been some controversy over the widespread use of LOL, are users really laughing aloud when they use LOL? This issue has been attracting some serious criticism towards the beloved acronym, but nevertheless, the popularity of LOL continues to grow among Internet users (particularly teens).

These days, its become widely accepted among chatters that use of LOL does not necessarily mean they are really laughing out loud, but rather that they appreciate and understand the humor that you're trying to convey. This is probably due to the fact that LOL has lost it's impact because of its rampant (over)use. There really should be a keyboard with a special LOL-key (now there's a great idea!).

It's also well-known that LOL is used as a sentence-filler (or silence breaker) in situations where you have nothing to contribute to a conversation (or are too lazy) but would still like to let the other person know that you're paying attention. You might even use LOL to pretend you're amused about something that you don't really find funny, so that you avoid offending the other person. These are most likely the reasons why the "LOL - I'm not really laughing" emoticon was created!

More about LOL

Although spreading in face-to-face communication, unlike the equally (if not more) popular word Emoticon, "LOL" has yet to be officially recognized by a dictionary.

You can read even more about LOL and its history on the LOL @ WikiPedia page.

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