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Flashing LOL Emoticon

Flashing LOL animated emoticon
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A nice LOL emoticon that flashes blue, green, red and yellow. All those changing colors can be a bit annoying, so don't use this emoticon everytime you say LOL, it can be quite irritating!

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User comments (92)

Anonymous said:07 May '18

It's Sweet as Candy! :D

Janro said:30 Dec '15

Yellow, Red, Blue, Green. G.R.Y.B.! 4 flashing colors!

Anonymous said:15 Sep '14

tak ada yang perlu disesali

Stacie Renee said:11 Jan '14

This is Awesome! I want to use it on facebook. Tell me how.

Anonymous said:09 Jan '14

Looking for a flashing star emotion emoji ...

bob said:11 Dec '13

How to use this animated emoticons on facebook? Thanks!

Anonymous said:29 Oct '13

Thanks a lot babe, it worked. btw sexi website;)

sara said:02 May '13

can we make a lol gif ???plz help

moviestarplanet said:28 Apr '13

L.O.V.E. Whit You!!!

Anonymous said:23 Mar '13


Anonymous said:06 Jan '13

amazing!!! i love this website

great said:15 Nov '12

i love this website it is amazing

Anonymous said:04 Oct '12

cool awesome and it rocks!!!!!

bob said:11 Jul '12

awesome woop, thanks for this website

Anonymous said:06 Jul '12

i love this website! u can post emoticons anywhere!

dil said:30 Apr '12


wag1 said:08 Apr '12

cool man this is.

Diva303 said:07 Apr '12

This is really cool website!!

Anonymous said:17 Mar '12

how do u download them

Anonymous said:11 Mar '12

Cool i might download xx Someone Talk to me.

Regards said:13 Jan '12

I love this word, so.......................

Anonymous said:05 Jan '12

is download good? just wondering.

megxmog said:02 Sep '11

i love this pro, i love it, it's fab.

Anonymous said:12 Aug '11

he he i love looking for and downloading emoticon packs!

Anonymous said:15 Jul '11

Cool emoticon! I like it.

Anonymous said:10 May '11

how can i put it on fb

PAIGE said:22 Apr '11


Anonymous said:08 Apr '11

this is proper sick i love this

chloe said:06 Mar '11

how come u can't download them they wont let me

Anonymous said:01 Feb '11

Cool i never saw this icon in the world!

Anonymous said:11 Jan '11

i love it its so awsome

namitha said:25 Dec '10

Nice one, I love it. How to add in the new Skype?

millie said:14 Dec '10

love it lol, gonna put it on facebook. Can it also be added into Skype 5.0?

ellie said:13 Dec '10

how do u download them?

ayesha said:20 Oct '10

i like themm ♥ x x x x

naz said:12 Oct '10

oooh nice lol i like it!

cheese said:26 Sep '10

wow this is great i love it i got so much more to do :) can noot w ait ==== fooorr myyy ffrriieeenddssssssss tooooseee thhhiisss

Sane22 said:13 Sep '10

Nice i like it

Sane22 said:29 Jun '10

nice! love it:)^^=))weeehhh!

Anonymous said:29 Jun '10

u all fail hahahahaahahahhahahah

Details for flashing lol

Suggested shortcut: :lol2
Tags: Flashing, Colors, Changing
Filename: flashing-lol.gif

  • The Flashing LOL emoticon is Animated
  • Flashing LOL icon file size: 2.92 kB (2987)
  • Added on 12 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Flashing LOL' is animated in 4 frames, the animation is 0.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 53 by 30 pixels and has 128 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Flashing LOL

To use the Flashing LOL icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free LOL Icons and Smileys emoticons like the flashing lol icon, visit the LOL Emoticons pack.

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