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Moving LOL Emoticon

Moving LOL animated emoticon
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Another cool LOL animation where there are two LOLs, once in the center and another one which moves around the middle LOL. Both of them are also constantly and smoothly changing their colors. A very nice emoticon, although some people may find it irritating.

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User comments (103)

Sandy said:17 Jul '15

Whatsapp is the one I downloaded so I can see motion-able texts sent to me. Like a rose and the glitter circle around it.

Anonymous said:27 May '15

More moving emojis please!

Anonymous said:29 Jan '15

Queen Victoria is rich! LOL

Stacey Liddiard said:29 Sep '14

How do I use these emotions?

Cameron Boyce Luver said:30 Apr '14

LOL... better emojis than any other websites!

EnXiu said:04 Sep '13

Oh lol i didn't see that SMALL LOL :)

CharmZ said:04 Sep '13


neongirl said:13 Aug '13

cool, I like the spinning lol!

Gta said:06 Apr '13

Weird lol guy and lol troll like the others though

Hahayoullneverknow said:24 Feb '13

Yeah, I agree with ''BIG HEAD''. Why a toilet??

BIG HEAD said:27 Jan '13

toilet?? why?? hahahaha

Anonymous said:27 Jan '13

The toilet is a bit weird but funny!! :D

Anonymous said:27 Jan '13

''Lol'' is very funny! I like it! ;)

Anonymous said:18 Jan '13

i love it, it's cool.

claude said:07 Nov '12

lol funny really

courtney said:06 Nov '12

PaBlO PiCaSsO !!! hhhahahahaha

Ash said:05 Nov '12

these are awsomeee.....

Julia wuz here said:07 Oct '12

luv those smileys!

salwa said:17 Jul '12

awesome?? this is awesome!

Anonymous said:16 Jul '12

funny animation i really like that

i_got_swag said:27 Jun '12

I heart heart heart this!

WEAREYOUNG!-NELLY.FE said:23 May '12

these my friends are EPIC!

Anonymous said:03 May '12

this is so kool i can't believe it!!! :)

MIDDLEFINGER said:27 Apr '12

middle finger is the best. :-)

Nayaab Akram said:16 Apr '12

love them they are amazing

Anonymous said:22 Mar '12

no profanity and vulgarity!

cat no.1 fan said:19 Mar '12

its soooooo cooll the moon walker

Anonymous said:04 Mar '12

love it just love it.xx

abhobert said:18 Feb '12

I luv the MOON WALKER it's cute!

Anonymous said:17 Feb '12

OK i love the lmao one but the middle finger one is rude.

Anonymous said:08 Feb '12 can't copy and paste them. said:03 Feb '12

WOW! I love this moving lol.

Advice said:12 Nov '11

um the swearing one is unnappropiate ... you should take it off

happy-to-help said:04 Oct '11

these are animations and you can't copy and paste it. it's not text. so you have to download and save it to your emoticon file.

Anonymous said:03 Oct '11

i cant copy and paste :(

immilicious said:03 Sep '11

smileys are amazing love them all

Anonymous said:28 Aug '11

They're very funny smileys! Downloading now.

Anonymous said:24 Aug '11

should we really have the swearing ones?

Anonymous said:26 Jun '11

Cool but not the middle finger you should take it off you do know swearing is bad?? Don't you?

hypnotized said:13 Jun '11

i love the hypnotized

Details for moving lol

Suggested shortcut: :movlol
Tags: Moving, Spinning, Lol
Filename: moving-lol.gif

  • The Moving LOL emoticon is Animated
  • Moving LOL icon file size: 20.46 kB (20949)
  • Added on 15 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Moving LOL' is animated in 63 frames, the animation is 3.73 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 30 by 30 pixels and has 255 colors.

Codes for Moving LOL

To use the Moving LOL icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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