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Football emoticons

The word football can sometimes be quite confusing! The smileys in this section are the type of football that is sometimes called soccer in a few countries. You can use every emoticon here for free. Send them on Facebook, MSN, Skype, etc. We hope you enjoy them!

football smiley
soccer player dancing smiley
Soccer Player Dancing
referee red card smiley
Referee red card
yellow card smiley
Yellow Card
red card smiley
Red Card
referee smiley
soccer ball smiley
Soccer ball
the world cup smiley
The World Cup
football touchdown dance smiley
Football Touchdown Dance
glittering soccer ball smiley
Glittering Soccer Ball
goal smiley
bouncing football smiley
Bouncing football
football red card smiley
Football Red card
goal!! smiley
football whistle smiley
Football Whistle
smiley with world cup smiley
Smiley with World Cup
football punting accident smiley
Football Punting Accident
soccer referee smiley
Soccer Referee
soccer bounce smiley
Soccer bounce
football yellow card smiley
Football Yellow Card
goalkeeper smiley
world cup winner smiley
World cup winner
soccer ball on fire smiley
Soccer Ball on Fire
football time! smiley
Football Time!
soccer player waving smiley
Soccer Player Waving
head ball bouncing smiley
Head Ball Bouncing
goal keeper smiley
Goal keeper
cheering fan smiley
Cheering fan
corner kick smiley
Corner Kick
fiery soccer ball smiley
Fiery soccer ball
world cup smiley
World Cup
soccer ball bounce smiley
Soccer ball bounce
heading soccer ball smiley
Heading Soccer ball
goalkeeper smiley
football goal smiley
Football Goal
football smiley
england fan thumbs up smiley
England Fan Thumbs Up
soccer player smiley
Soccer Player
american football player smiley
American Football Player
football punt smiley
Football Punt
football runner smiley
Football Runner
showing yellow card smiley
Showing Yellow Card
david beckham smiley
David Beckham
soccer ball smiley
Soccer Ball
soccer ball kicker smiley
Soccer Ball Kicker
penalty save smiley
Penalty Save
football tackle smiley
Football Tackle
world cup fever smiley
World Cup Fever
football on head smiley
Football on head
throwing and catching ball smiley
Throwing and Catching Ball
football injury smiley
Football Injury
football trophy smiley
Football Trophy
world cup celebration smiley
World cup celebration
football running smiley
Football Running
football collision smiley
Football Collision
winning football team smiley
Winning Football Team
cool spinning ball smiley
Cool Spinning Ball
yellow card smiley
Yellow Card
throw in smiley
Throw in
football helmet hit smiley
Football Helmet Hit
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Soccer smileys

Depending on where you're located in the world, football can refer to English soccer or Association football, Gaelic football or Irish football, American football, Canadian football, Rugby, Rugby Union, Australian football, etc. So please choose from our emoticons menu and find whichever form of ball game or sport that is commonly known as football in your geographic area. We hope that you find these smiley faces interesting. Please don't forget to share them online or like them on the Facebook! If you need to post them in a forum or a website, just simply copy their HTML codes from our site.

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