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Farting Smileys

Looking for a hilarious farting smiley face? This is the right place, with the biggest collection of rude smileys on the whole Internet! We've got it all, so check them out. All the animations are free to download.

super fart emoticon
Super fart
huge fart emoticon
Huge Fart
smelly fart emoticon
Smelly fart
big fart emoticon
Big Fart
brain fart emoticon
Brain Fart
jumping fart emoticon
Jumping Fart
smiley farts emoticon
Smiley Farts
disgusting diarrhea emoticon
Disgusting Diarrhea
dutch oven emoticon
Dutch Oven
duck and fart emoticon
Duck and Fart
fart in face emoticon
Fart In Face
fart in elevator emoticon
Fart In Elevator
kyle farting emoticon
Kyle Farting
fart bubbles emoticon
Fart Bubbles
i'm gassy today emoticon
I'm Gassy today
shy fart emoticon
Shy Fart
farting in group emoticon
Farting In Group
fart bounce emoticon
Fart Bounce

There are 18 emoticons in the Farting Smileys pack.

Recent Comments:

Just beautiful,i love it!

in super fart on 18 Jan, 2017

What happened ? .. I used to copynpaste but it don't work anymore

in huge fart on 02 Jan, 2017

so funny and cute :)

in huge fart on 11 Dec, 2016

How do i get these for fb

in fart in... on 12 Jul, 2016

I like this they are soooo funny

in fart in... on 12 Jul, 2016

Farting Emoticons

Farting (or more scientifically put: the expulsion of intestinal gases through the anus) is natural reflex that is a part of our bodily functions. It can happen involuntarily or purposefully. This is exactly what every smiley face on this page is experiencing... some gas!

Breaking wind is a very rude thing to do in front of others and is considered to be extremely bad manners to do so. These emoticons, however, think it's very funny and amusing and take absolute pleasure in doing it as much as possible! We certainly don't recommend this kind of behavior!

We hope that you really enjoy using these animated fart icons. Put them on your friend's Facebook walls and watch them laugh! You can even send in chats on MSN and Live Messenger. If you're feeling very cheeky, you can even display them on Skype and Yahoo Messenger. We hope you have fun being crude with these graphics.

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