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Baseball smileys and emoticons

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in North America, Cuba and some Asian countries such as Japan. It's so widely played and loved in United States that it was once called the National Religion of US. So, if you too love bat–and-ball sports, hope you won't leave this page disappointed! We tried to include as many related animated smileys as we could. They're all free and you can download them or just send them on Facebook, MSN, Skype, emails, Yahoo, blogs, etc. Enjoy!

ny yankees baseball cap smiley
NY Yankees baseball cap
baseball hitter smiley
Baseball hitter
baseball glove smiley
Baseball glove
baseball bat on fire smiley
Baseball bat on fire
baseball cap smiley
Baseball Cap
baseball text smiley
Baseball text
laughing baseball smiley
Laughing baseball
baseball player smiley
Baseball Player
baseball on fire smiley
Baseball on fire
angry baseball smiley
Angry baseball
pitching smiley
baseball hit smiley
Baseball hit
major league baseball player smiley
Major League baseball player
pitcher smiley
baseball strike smiley
Baseball Strike
glitter baseball player smiley
Glitter Baseball Player
slugger smiley
baseball slugger smiley
Baseball slugger
baseball you're out smiley
Baseball You're Out
baseball mitt smiley
Baseball mitt
baseball big catch smiley
Baseball big catch
hitting baseball smiley
Hitting baseball
baseball argument smiley
Baseball argument
baseball safe smiley
Baseball safe
baseball spit smiley
Baseball spit
fire ball smiley
Fire ball
baseball tobacco smiley
Baseball Tobacco
baseball throwing smiley
Baseball throwing
baseball boy thumbs up smiley
Baseball Boy thumbs up
baseball catch smiley
Baseball Catch
baseball accident smiley
Baseball accident
baseball head smiley
Baseball Head
batter smiley
baseball catch smiley
Baseball catch
baseball headshot smiley
Baseball headshot
baseball slide smiley
Baseball Slide
baseball catcher smiley
Baseball Catcher
baseball crash smiley
Baseball Crash
bouncing ball smiley
Bouncing ball
baseball player smiley
Baseball Player
baseballer smiley
pitching smiley
baseball sliding smiley
Baseball Sliding
baseball practice smiley
Baseball practice

There are 44 emoticons in the Baseball smileys and emoticons pack.

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I love these baseball emojis!!❤

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I was looking for such baseball emojis. Thanks!

in baseball glove on 22 Apr, 2018

Welcome to your baseball game!

in hitting... on 27 Feb, 2018

How can I find emoticons and emojis for specific baseball teams?

in baseball hitter on 25 Jan, 2018

Same question, how to use these angry emojis?

in angry baseball on 10 Jan, 2018
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