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The Sports emoticons category has free animated emoticons and smileys for just about every sport and game you can think of!

cheering football smiley
Cheering football
nervous football smiley
Nervous football
crying football smiley
Crying football
corner kick smiley
Corner kick
goal smiley
substitution smiley
italy euro 2008 smiley
Italy EURO 2008
spain euro 2008 smiley
Spain EURO 2008
germany euro 2008 smiley
Germany EURO 2008
france euro 2008 smiley
France EURO 2008
netherlands smiley
russia euro 2008 smiley
Russia EURO 2008
greece euro 2008 smiley
Greece EURO 2008
turkey euro 2008 smiley
Turkey EURO 2008
romania euro 2008 smiley
Romania EURO 2008
olympic fire smiley
Olympic Fire
olympic flag smiley
Olympic Flag
olympic games smiley
Olympic Games
olympic athletes smiley
Olympic Athletes
olympics flag smiley
Olympics flag
high dive smiley
High Dive
high jump smiley
High Jump
pole vault smiley
Pole Vault
shotput smiley
gymnastics rings smiley
Gymnastics Rings
horse smiley
balance beam smiley
Balance beam
floor smiley
rhythmic smiley
uneven bars smiley
Uneven bars
tumbling run smiley
Tumbling run
parallel bars smiley
Parallel bars
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How do I insert this emoji in a text message? Do I copy and paste the code...

in baseball catch on 28 Jul, 2023

Go bruins go bruins go bruins

in watching sports on 30 Apr, 2023

Haha. He did it!!!,,.........,......

in baseball hitter on 05 Oct, 2022

i love this emoticon

in germany euro... on 06 Jun, 2022

Welcome to our free sports emoticons and sports smileys gallery where you can find emoticons related to almost every type of sport. All of our emoticons are free and you certainly don't have to be an athlete to download them! Whether you like to use these emoticons in your emails, MSN Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger) chats, forums, blogs or in your Myspace and other social networking pages, we provide you with a source for quality unique and free sport emoticons or smileys. Please feel free to browse through our extensive sports emoticon collections.

Several of our emoticons feature famous sportsmen and sportswomen, while others are simply animations or smiley faces. Some of these animated emoticons are quite funny and cartoonish, while others display the concepts of sportsmanship and teamwork in team sports such as football, soccer and basketball. Many people enjoy watching all types of games and sports on TV, and you can use these smileys and emoticons to add some color to your online discussions.

We would like to make this clear that all of the emoticons offered in our sports smileys galleries are compatible with MSN Messenger or Windows live Messenger. Each and every single sport emoticon comes ready with a HTML code for posting on websites, so we've got that covered as well.

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