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Sports fan emoticons

These smileys are cheering for their favorite teams. Use these smileys to show support for your local, league or national teams in whatever sports they're competing in.

hiking smiley
cheerleading smiley
cheerleader smiley
go, go, go! smiley
Go, Go, Go!
watching sports smiley
Watching Sports
cheering smiley
argentina fan smiley
Argentina Fan
supporter of portugal smiley
Supporter of Portugal
beer hat smiley
Beer hat
fan smiley
ukraine supporter smiley
Ukraine Supporter
mexican fan smiley
Mexican Fan
brazilian fan smiley
Brazilian Fan
poland fan smiley
Poland Fan
netherlands supporter smiley
Netherlands Supporter
champ smiley
supporter of france smiley
Supporter of France
fan of south korea smiley
Fan of South Korea
usa supporter smiley
USA Supporter
supporter of italy smiley
Supporter of Italy
paraguay fan smiley
Paraguay Fan
swedish fan smiley
Swedish Fan
ghana supporter smiley
Ghana Supporter
croatia fan smiley
Croatia Fan
supporter of australia smiley
Supporter of Australia
saudi arabian fan smiley
Saudi Arabian Fan
german fan smiley
German Fan
ecuador supporter smiley
Ecuador Supporter
costa rica supporter smiley
Costa Rica Supporter
czech republic fan smiley
Czech Republic Fan
jovial spain fan smiley
Jovial Spain Fan
england fan smiley
England Fan
iran supporter smiley
Iran Supporter
togo supporter smiley
Togo Supporter
sports fan finger smiley
Sports Fan Finger
supporter of japan smiley
Supporter of Japan
cote d’ivoire fan smiley
Cote d’Ivoire Fan
whistling sports fan smiley
Whistling Sports Fan
sports fan smiley
Sports Fan
supporter of tunisia smiley
Supporter of Tunisia
supporter of serbia and montenegro smiley
Supporter of Serbia and Montenegro
trinidad and tobago fan smiley
Trinidad and Tobago Fan
supporter of angola smiley
Supporter of Angola
switzerland supporter smiley
Switzerland Supporter

There are 44 emoticons in the Sports fan emoticons pack.

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Fan and supporter smileys

Supporting your team or country can be very important. Luckily we have plenty of emoticons and icons to help you show your support.

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