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Dog emoticons

These four-legged friends of ours are the most domesticated animals of all time because of their intelligence, companionship and services they provide to humans, especially to handicapped individuals. They're some of the most loved animals on the planet and rightfully deserve their own dedicated smileys and emoticons! All of these are free to use and you can send them on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Have fun with them!

crazy happy dog smiley
Crazy Happy Dog
tail wagging dog smiley
Tail Wagging Dog
love you puppy smiley
Love You Puppy
bulldog smiley
angry dog barking smiley
Angry Dog Barking
sad puppy smiley
Sad Puppy
german shepherd dog barking smiley
German Shepherd Dog Barking
happy dog with bone smiley
Happy Dog with Bone
angry dog eating smiley
Angry Dog Eating
dog chasing tail smiley
Dog Chasing Tail
laughing dog smiley
Laughing dog
cute puppy dog face smiley
Cute puppy dog face
angry dog smiley
Angry dog
dog walking the owner smiley
Dog walking the owner
licking dog smiley
Licking Dog
miss you puppy smiley
Miss You Puppy
sad cute puppy smiley
Sad Cute Puppy
funny dog smiley
Funny Dog
cute dog smiley
Cute dog
cute puppy crying smiley
Cute Puppy Crying
white puppy waving smiley
White Puppy waving
walking the dog smiley
Walking The Dog
laughing dog smiley
Laughing Dog
sick dog in bed smiley
Sick Dog in Bed
puppy smiley
ugly dog poo smiley
Ugly Dog Poo
cute puppy laughing smiley
Cute Puppy Laughing
happy puppy smiley
Happy Puppy
happy puppy smiley
Happy Puppy
petting dog smiley
Petting dog
sleeping puppy smiley
Sleeping puppy
smiley puppy smiley
Smiley puppy
dogs in love smiley
Dogs in love
good morning dogs smiley
Good Morning dogs
petting poodle smiley
Petting Poodle
hi puppy smiley
Hi Puppy
doggy kiss smiley
Doggy kiss
cute puppy licking smiley
Cute Puppy Licking
pirate bulldog smiley
Pirate Bulldog
dog says no smiley
Dog says no
i heart paws smiley
I Heart Paws
puppy saying bye smiley
Puppy Saying Bye
girl walking the dog smiley
Girl Walking The Dog
roll over smiley
Roll Over
puppy barking smiley
Puppy Barking
puppy love smiley
Puppy Love
dog looking around smiley
Dog looking around
dark grey dog smiley
Dark Grey Dog
please smiley
frisbee fetch smiley
Frisbee fetch
glitter dog with floppy ears smiley
Glitter Dog with Floppy Ears
glitter dog smiley
Glitter dog
tough glitter dog smiley
Tough Glitter Dog
smiley with a dog smiley
Smiley with a dog
cuddling dogs smiley
Cuddling Dogs
crazy eyed glitter dog smiley
Crazy Eyed Glitter Dog
that's great! smiley
That's Great!

There are 57 emoticons in the Dog emoticons pack.

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Hola. Como lo uso? how I use them?

in cute puppy... on 23 Oct, 2020

How can I download this with an android phone?

in laughing dog on 29 Mar, 2020

These puppy emojis won't save to emoticon palette. Only the link.

in white puppy... on 22 Jul, 2019

Happy Summer! Love You! Guess who? Your Puppy!! LOL

in miss you puppy on 24 May, 2019

Download Dog Emojis How do I download these to use on FB?

in angry dog on 28 Jun, 2018

Dog smileys

Study after study reveals that owners of dogs enjoy better health both physically and psychologically compared with those without a pet. That's why they are called Man's Best Friend. Hope you'll enjoy our puppy and dog emoticon collection and don't forget to like them on Facebook so that your friends also find and use them in their own communications. If you have any dog breed that is of interest to you, just email us and we will add it to the site.

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