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September 11 Emoticons

The 11th of September 2001 is a day in US history that no American will ever forget or allow to be forgotten. The free emoticons and smileys on this page can be used to commemorate and preserve the memories of this tragic event.

salute usa flag emoticon
Salute USA flag
twin towers 9-11-01 emoticon
Twin Towers 9-11-01
god bless america emoticon
God Bless America
9-11 flag emoticon
9-11 Flag
wtc twin towers emoticon
WTC Twin Towers
wtc 9-11-01 ribbon emoticon
WTC 9-11-01 Ribbon
wtc  9-11 candle emoticon
WTC 9-11 Candle
usa emoticon
wtc heart emoticon
WTC Heart
9-11 candle emoticon
9-11 Candle
wtc eagle emoticon
WTC Eagle
white house emoticon
White House
9-11 ribbon emoticon
9-11 Ribbon
wtc never forget emoticon
WTC Never Forget
wtc candle emoticon
WTC Candle
wtc ribbon emoticon
WTC Ribbon

There are 16 emoticons in the September 11 Emoticons pack.

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almost forgot thank you

in 9-11 flag on 11 May, 2024

These are really great. Love the things that don't "need" hate to exist!

in god bless... on 15 Oct, 2021

I like the flag emoji but it won't show up on my email.

in salute usa flag on 24 Oct, 2020

How do we share on fb?

in twin towers... on 27 Aug, 2019

The emoji of a Veteran Saluting the Flag is a great idea.

in salute usa flag on 26 Jun, 2019

Smileys for 9-11

The biggest terrorist attacks upon United States took place in early morning hours of Tuesday 9/11/01 by a total of 19 suicide attackers in four separate and consecutive airplane hijacking incidents.

Two of the hijacked airplanes were crashed into New York City's World Trade Center. The extent of damage was even beyond the terrorists' imagination although the heavily fueled airplanes on long haul flights were picked to cause maximum harm and destruction. A third passenger jet was crashed into Pentagon. The hijackers did not succeed in crashing the fourth airliner into the Capitol building or the White House due to facing resistance from the brave passengers on that flight, finally crashing in Shanksville near Pennsylvania. Unfortunately almost 3000 innocent lives were taken on that day alone.

Every year the anniversary of 9/11 attacks is observed and marked by huge number of people attending memorial services both in the United States and around the world by both Americans and members of the International community. Now you can take your memorial online, using nothing more than a simple emoticon from our site.

So here are some of the most useful emoticons and icons that we found to be suitable for your participation in this year's anniversary of Sept. 11th. Send them to your friends to remind of this significant day. Each and every smiley on this page is free for you to use. Send them in chats, on forums and even emails to your friends and family.

Do not forget to the check the 9/11 Display Pictures and Avatars section of the website. There too, you'll find some inspiring icons for your instant messengers on Facebook, MSN, Skype, Yahoo and others.

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