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Hidden Yahoo Emoticons

With nearly 100 default emoticons, Yahoo Messenger easily has the most impressive selection of standard emoticons and smileys. And when it comes to hidden emoticons, Yahoo is easily king of the mountain.

Here is a listing of all Yahoo hidden emoticons, all free to use:

Emoticon Code Notes
:o3Puppy dog eyes emoticon, great for getting what you want
:-??I don't know, good emoticon for when you're confused
%-(Not listening smiley, for when the truth it too much to bear
:@)Pig emoticon, oink oink
3:-OCow emoticon, letting out a big moo
:(|)Monkey emoticon with a funny expression
~:>Chicken emoticon, quite cute
@};-A beautiful red rose emoticon
%%-Four-leaf clover emoticon for good luck
**==USA Flag emoticon, waving American flag
(~~)Pumpkin emoticon, good for Halloween
~O)Coffee cup emoticon, for caffeine addicts
*-:)Got an idea? use this hidden smiley
8-XChattering Skull Emoticon
=:)A strange green bug
>-)This smiley turns out to be an alien in disguise!
:-LFrustrated smiley
[-O<Praying, this little smiley is saying his prayers
$-)Money eyes, this is one greedy smiley
:-"Whistling emoticon, cool animation
b-(Smiley getting punched, with black eye and all
:)>-Smiley showing the peace sign
[-XShame on you, tut tut
:D/Dancing emoticon, he is quite happy
>:/Bring it on!
;))Hee Hee, cute and girly giggling emoticon
:-@Chatterbox, some people never shut up
^:)^Not worthy, giving praise
:-joh go on!
(*)Star emoticon
(%)Yin Yang symbol

As you can see, Yahoo has a huge amount of hidden smileys and emoticons, most of which are very well designed. Most of the secret icons in Yahoo are smileys, and not emoticons.

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More about the secret Yahoo Emoticons

Comparing the hidden yahoo icons and smileys to those of its closest rival, MSN/Live Messenger, we can see that the Yahoo emoticons are of much better quality. Live Messenger's hidden emoticons are no match to those of Yahoo Messenger in either quality or quantity. While there are around 10 hidden emoticons in MSN, there are roughly 35 hidden emoticons in Yahoo Messenger (with more being added in version 9).

Thanks to the custom emoticons feature of MSN Messenger, you can use these cool Yahoo emoticons in MSN or Live Messenger. Just save the ones that you like and add them to your Messenger, that's all there is to it.

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