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Shit smileys

Looking for a shit or poop icon? We've got all of the crap related icons you can think of. Every emoticon here is free to use, so check them out. These animated smileys are very rude, you need to be careful who you send them to. We warned you!

shit emoticon
dancing poop emoticon
Dancing poop
shit hits the fan emoticon
Shit hits the fan
crap emoticon
pooping gymnastics emoticon
Pooping Gymnastics
guy pooping emoticon
Guy pooping
pooping emoticon
dog pooping emoticon
Dog pooping
smiley face pooping emoticon
Smiley Face Pooping
bullshit bs emoticon
Bullshit BS
turd emoticon
crap hitting the fan emoticon
Crap Hitting The Fan
full of crap emoticon
Full of crap
shit gun emoticon
Shit gun
oh shit emoticon
Oh Shit
pooping in the woods emoticon
Pooping In The Woods
piece of shit emoticon
Piece of shit
steaming turd emoticon
Steaming Turd
shit happens emoticon
Shit Happens
bird poop emoticon
Bird Poop
poo dance emoticon
Poo dance
gift box with a piece of shit emoticon
Gift Box with a piece of Shit
shit storm emoticon
Shit Storm
dancing banana with poop picket emoticon
Dancing banana with poop picket
shitting emoticon
disgusting diarrhea emoticon
Disgusting Diarrhea
plumber emoticon
turd with fly emoticon
Turd with fly
reading newspaper on toilet emoticon
Reading newspaper on toilet
stepping in poop emoticon
Stepping In Poop
bird pooping emoticon
Bird Pooping
shithead emoticon
laughing poo emoticon
Laughing Poo
you're full of shit emoticon
You're full of Shit
toilet paper in love emoticon
Toilet Paper in Love
smiley stepping in shit emoticon
Smiley stepping in shit
bear pooping in woods emoticon
Bear Pooping In Woods
pooper scooper emoticon
Pooper scooper
ugly dog poo emoticon
Ugly Dog Poo
bird shit emoticon
Bird Shit
baby pooping emoticon
Baby Pooping
poo eating fly emoticon
Poo Eating Fly
mierda emoticon
shit glittering effect emoticon
Shit glittering effect

There are 44 emoticons in the Shit smileys pack.

Recent Comments:


in shit on 13 Jun, 2021

Omg! Gross! whoever made this y’all are gross, ewww!

in dog pooping on 28 Mar, 2021

Poop emoji! haha lol he is pooping lols

in dancing... on 28 Sep, 2020

LOLS very funny ha ha Love these poop emojis!

in dancing... on 21 Sep, 2020

How do you get it to animate in Facebook? Don't see code for it either.

in bird poop on 01 Aug, 2020

Poop emoticons

We've got all of the smileys you could possibly need! Turds, smileys taking a crap and even birds dropping their poo... we've got it all! These are some of the most vulgar items in our gallery, and we've stored them in this section. If you like these, you will probably also like the other naughty graphics we have in this section. For example, you might be interested in the farting or mooning emoticon categories, many of our visitors love those sections!

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