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Middle Finger Emoticons

No section of rude emoticons would be complete without a big collection of middle finger emoticons and smileys, so here they are!

fuck you finger emoticon
Fuck you finger
animated middle finger emoticon
Animated middle finger
flipping the bird emoticon
Flipping the bird
spinning middle finger emoticon
Spinning middle finger
flipping off emoticon
Flipping off
angry smiley giving middle finger emoticon
Angry smiley giving middle finger
smiley giving middle finger emoticon
Smiley giving middle finger
giving the finger emoticon
Giving the finger
double middle finger emoticon
Double middle finger
cursor middle finger emoticon
Cursor middle finger
pissed off smiley finger emoticon
Pissed off smiley finger
middle finger emoticon
Middle Finger
middle finger rude gesture emoticon
Middle Finger Rude Gesture
sexy girl middle finger emoticon
Sexy Girl Middle Finger
fist to middle finger emoticon
Fist to middle finger
the finger emoticon
The Finger
double finger fuck you emoticon
Double finger fuck you
msn middle finger emoticon
MSN Middle Finger
girl giving the finger emoticon
Girl giving the finger
santa flipping off emoticon
Santa flipping off
middle finger baby emoticon
Middle Finger Baby
queen giving the finger emoticon
Queen Giving The Finger
ipod middle finger emoticon
iPod Middle Finger
george bush middle finger emoticon
George Bush middle finger
middle finger cloud emoticon
Middle Finger Cloud
finger insult emoticon
Finger Insult
bird finger emoticon
Bird Finger
rude greetings emoticon
Rude Greetings

There are 28 emoticons in the Middle Finger Emoticons pack.

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Rude finger icons

We've got all sorts of finger emoticons for you, many of them moving and animated. So browse them and download the ones that you like.

Sometimes a middle finger emoticon may be just what you need to end a conversation. In situations where you just can't describe what you're feeling, a rude middle finger emoticon may be exactly what you need.

Rude emoticons and smileys giving the finger are also good to have for when your friends are being rude to you. There's a good chance they're armed with some middle finger icons themselves, so don't leave yourself unprotected!

Finger Emoticons in MSN

The most common use of these rude finger emoticons is in MSN Messenger. From the early days of MSN emoticons, it was very common to find all sorts of icons featuring middle fingers. Now with the new generation Windows Live Messenger, animated finger emoticons have been created as well. If you're a Messenger user, be sure to download some of our free MSN middle finger smileys and emoticons.

Middle finger text emoticons

For those times you can't use graphical emoticons, we've even got you some middle finger text emoticons. These are made with ASCII, so you can use them anywhere.

t(-_-t)		-_-*,,|,		t(0.0t)

t(-_-t)		t(^^t)		 ..|..('_') ..|..

While they're quite simple, these emoticons will still get your message across!

About the "Middle Finger"

The middle finger is a well known insult gesture, particularly in western cultures. When put up, it simply means **** off. However, it seems that giving the finger is a lot of fun as its usage between friends is most commonly lighthearted and meant as joke.

While the exact origins of this insulting and obscene gesture are not known, flipping someone the bird seemingly goes back thousands of years, to the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. To learn more about the middle finger, visit the Wikipedia entry for the finger.

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