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Santa flipping off Emoticon

Santa flipping off animated emoticon
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You know you've been bad this year when Santa is flipping you off! This is an angry and rude Santa emoticon that is flipping off somebody. Usually this obscene hand gesture (a middle finger, AKA the bird) is not expected from Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas is all about kindness, laughter and giving gifts - but not the one finger salute!

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User comments (14)

Janet said:22 Nov '19

Brilliant emojis and emoticons! Happy Holidays!

Crazy Santa Emoji said:29 Sep '15

Haven't seen a Santa as crazy as this one before!

Anonymous said:12 Dec '14

Awesome! That's really cool. They'll make for a good Christmas text messages!

Anonymous said:16 Aug '13

This is what I think of you this Christmas!

Anonymous said:22 Dec '12

Money's short, times are hard, here's your f**king Christmas card!

Naughty or Nice? said:05 Dec '12

Santa gives finger to those who have been naughty!! only those who have been nice will get the gifts and the rest are shown the middle finger!!!! LOL

CR said:05 Dec '12

Hahahahahahhahahaha what the hell :s

hahahaha said:06 Nov '12

not possible..... nope

me said:05 Nov '12

how do u use them in chat

fatface said:12 Dec '10

This is what Santa Claus will do when the naughty kids ask him for their gift! hahaha

Anonymous said:11 Nov '10

Love them all

Nun ya biness said:10 Nov '10

These r awesome LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

kemesha said:08 Oct '10

funny haha! santa is coming to town... not!

CJ said:27 Sep '10

what an angry Santa!! really funny emoticon!

Details for santa flipping off

Suggested shortcut: ;santa4
Tags: Middle, Finger, Flip, Flipping, Bird, Bird, Santa, Claus, Christmas, Beard
Filename: santa-flip-off.gif

  • The Santa flipping off emoticon is Animated
  • Santa flipping off icon file size: 16.08 kB (16461)
  • Added on 27 September, 2010
  • Emoticon category: Holiday Emoticons

'Santa flipping off' is animated in 13 frames, the animation is 1.28 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 217 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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