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Middle Finger Emoticon

Middle Finger emoticon
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Most of our finger emoticons are viewed from a front position, but this one is shows the finger from the givers perspective. This variation has the thumb sticking out as well. It's of good quality and is very sharp to view, an excellent middle finger emoticon for MSN.

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User comments (12)

hannah said:11 May '15

how do u make the middle finger?

loïs elken said:05 May '15

Waarom zeggen jullie allemaal dat het GOOD is maar dat is niet zo.. wirdos

loïs elken said:05 May '15

Dit is echt kut. Ik wil ze sturen maar dat kan niet

bert said:24 Sep '13

can't seem to get them to work on fubar

Anonymous said:04 Jan '13

[[midfing]] in FB chat makes the icon :)

no-one you know ,,lo said:05 Jun '12

How do u get it on other websites like msn???

cat said:19 Sep '11

how to do this in facebook?

Anonymous said:06 Mar '11

OMG! on nearly every one of them I was pissing myself laughing! xxxxx

Anonymous said:13 May '10

oh good good good!

Anonymous said:24 Mar '10

mad as this is so funny

Anonymous said:09 Aug '09

ahaa great, its actss baaare funny

rami said:01 Oct '08

this is the best rude finger to send in msn hahaha!

Details for middle finger

Suggested shortcut: :finger
Tags: Middle, Finger, Hand, Flip, Bird, Insult
Filename: middle-finger-2.gif

  • The Middle Finger emoticon is Static
  • Middle Finger icon file size: 382 Bytes (382)
  • Added on 25 March, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

It's a GIF image measuring 19 by 19 pixels and has 64 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Middle Finger

To use the Middle Finger icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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