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Smiley giving middle finger Emoticon

Smiley giving middle finger animated emoticon
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Here is an angry smiley face who is giving a big middle finger and saying FU! We're sure you all know what the FU stands for, so we won't elaborate! (special hint: F you) Someone has made him mad enough to flip them off and insult them. You can use this smiley when you want to let someone know that you're pissed off with them.

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User comments (18)

Some guy said:17 Aug '19

Wow! Expletive words Emojis!!

Anonymous said:08 Aug '17

How can I get these emojis? How do I download these please...

Anonymous said:29 Jan '17

(special hint: F you)

Anonymous said:24 Apr '16

you didn't try very hard

Anonymous said:19 Aug '15

Awesome middle finger emojis, very cool lolololol

Anonymous said:30 Jun '15

no never no no no noscbndchvbhfbvhfbvhfbvhfbvdnnncat cat catcatcatacat

Anonymous said:30 Apr '15

How to copy & paste middle finger giving emoji to facebook?

JD said:29 Oct '14

How do you use the middle finger in Instagram?

Anonymous said:27 Sep '14


Anonymous said:24 Sep '14

How do you text the middle finger

Mark said:05 Mar '14

How do you put it in a message?

P. said:01 Sep '13

How do I put this onto my iPhone as a useable emoticon?

Amos said:05 Jul '13

I know they like it and would like to use it.

Anonymous said:29 Apr '13


Anonymous said:19 Sep '12

copy - ctrl and c. paste - ctrl and v.

Anonymous said:06 Jun '12

how do you do Smiley giving middle finger?

Anonymous said:14 Mar '12


Holly said:12 Jan '12

hehe :) thats cool how do u copy them

Details for smiley giving middle finger

Suggested shortcut: ;fu
Tags: flipping, flipping the bird
Filename: smiley-middle-finger.gif

  • The Smiley giving middle finger emoticon is Animated
  • Smiley giving middle finger icon file size: 2.29 kB (2348)
  • Added on 06 March, 2011
  • Last commented on 17 August, 2019
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Smiley giving middle finger' is animated in 3 frames, the animation is 1.1 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 43 by 59 pixels and has 227 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing all 3 frames.

Codes for Smiley giving middle finger

To use the Smiley giving middle finger icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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