Smileys that are crazy and violent!

Violent Emoticons

Welcome to the violent smileys and emoticons page, where all the cruel ones live. Most of these animated are extreme and do some brutal things to each other, so check them out!

machine gun smiley
Machine gun
ak-47 smiley
shot in the foot smiley
Shot in the foot
sniper smiley
shooting banana smiley
Shooting banana
shotgun smiley
just shoot me smiley
Just shoot me
big machine gun smiley
Big Machine Gun
double barrel shotgun smiley
Double Barrel Shotgun
flamethrower smiley
rocket launcher smiley
Rocket Launcher
shooting guns smiley
Shooting guns
double pistols smiley
Double pistols
shot in the head smiley
Shot in the head
submachine gun smiley
Submachine Gun
shooting gangster smiley
Shooting Gangster
suicide smiley
dynamite smiley
grenade toss smiley
Grenade Toss
laser blaster smiley
Laser Blaster
shooting smiley
rocket launcher smiley
Rocket Launcher
railgun smiley
grenade launcher smiley
Grenade Launcher
rambo smiley
smiley gun smiley
Smiley Gun
smiley killing himself smiley
Smiley killing himself
headshot suicide smiley
Headshot suicide
smiley shooting gun smiley
Smiley shooting gun
laser gun smiley
Laser Gun
transformer gun smiley
Transformer Gun
grenade smiley
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shoutout daturahill, helped me thru depression!

in suicide on 20 Oct, 2022

Find The Epics on tomorrow

in zombie smiley on 08 Mar, 2022

Hahahahahaha So Hilarious!

in flamethrower on 29 Jan, 2022

A job nicely done. Couldn't get any better. Please keep making new emojis....

in flamethrower on 29 Jan, 2022

These emoticons are totally insane! They fight, shoot their guns, blow things up, go to war and some of them even die a gruesome death! You can also use these smileys to express yourself when you're feeling so mad that even our angry smileys can express how you feel! We know you'll love the mayhem and destruction in this section, so go ahead and start browsing.

You can download and add the emoticons that you like to MSN or Windows Live Messenger and share them with your friends there. We also give you codes that you can use to send them in your emails or post them on forums (some of these could come in handy during a flamewar!). Share them with your friends on Facebook or while you chat on Skype and Yahoo. Any way you like to use them, we've got you covered.

More about violence

Violence is a very broad and generic word; it could mean a fight between two people or refer to a global conflict with millions of casualties, such as World War 1 and 2.

But is violent behaviour always condemned? The short answer is no, if your act of violence is in self-defense or is considered a preventative measure to secure peace on the planet. However trying to accomplish your goals through hostility and aggression is beyond the boundaries of logic and acceptance, and you may even be branded as a terrorist.

Displays of graphic violence have also come under scrutiny in video games and the media, and graphical smileys are no different. Media researchers are concerned that people who consume various media that depict acts of violence may become more aggressive themselves. Sometimes you need to control your rage and act in a level-headed manner, and a simple emoticon can turn a tense situation into a humorous one.

You should always keep in mind that these emoticons are meant to be used in a light-hearted manner. They are not suggestive of violent behavior and actions which usually lead to injuries that are sometimes beyond repair. So when using a smiley from here, please refrain from excessive use!

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