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Valentine Emoticons

Considering that Valentine's Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year, it's only appropriate that we bring you a very special set of Valentine emoticons and smileys

kissing emoticon
smiley singing love song emoticon
Smiley singing love song
rose giving emoticon
Rose giving
i love you banner emoticon
I Love You banner
love heart hand emoticon
Love Heart Hand
heart in the sky emoticon
Heart in the sky
smiley drawing a heart emoticon
Smiley drawing a heart
smiley with heart balloon emoticon
Smiley with heart balloon
love birds hugging emoticon
Love birds hugging
smileys getting married emoticon
Smileys getting married
smiley giving a gift emoticon
Smiley giving a gift
happy love heart emoticon
Happy Love Heart
valentine kiss emoticon
Valentine kiss
wedding emoticon
happy heart emoticon
Happy Heart
heart balloon emoticon
Heart Balloon
love letter emoticon
Love letter
flower basket emoticon
Flower Basket
flowers emoticon
love jelly emoticon
Love Jelly
valentine butterfly kiss emoticon
Valentine butterfly kiss
it's raining love emoticon
It's Raining Love
be my valentine emoticon
Be My Valentine
loving bees emoticon
Loving Bees
true love emoticon
True Love
love birds emoticon
Love Birds
opening a love letter emoticon
Opening a Love Letter
love song emoticon
Love Song
butterfly heart emoticon
Butterfly Heart
writing a love letter emoticon
Writing a Love Letter
floating with love emoticon
Floating with love
valentine chocolate emoticon
Valentine Chocolate
with love emoticon
With Love
sweet love emoticon
Sweet Love
glittery love ya emoticon
Glittery Love Ya
flower emoticon
love daydream emoticon
Love Daydream
longing to find love emoticon
Longing to Find Love
be mine emoticon
Be Mine
kissing penguin emoticon
Kissing Penguin
confused about love emoticon
Confused about Love
love letter hearts emoticon
Love letter hearts
dream kiss emoticon
Dream Kiss
be my valentine emoticon
Be My Valentine
cheek to cheek lovers emoticon
Cheek to cheek Lovers
happy v day emoticon
Happy V Day
with all my love emoticon
With all my love
happy valentine's emoticon
Happy Valentine's
love bubbles emoticon
Love Bubbles
love sick emoticon
Love Sick
a sign of my love emoticon
A Sign of My Love
boy and girl in love emoticon
Boy and Girl In Love
valentine proposal emoticon
Valentine Proposal
love you emoticon
Love You
little angel waves emoticon
Little Angel Waves
valentine roses piano emoticon
Valentine roses piano
be my valentine baby emoticon
Be My Valentine baby
i love you hand sign emoticon
I Love You hand sign
kissing blush emoticon
Kissing blush
be my valentine heart love emoticon
Be My Valentine Heart Love
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Recent Comments:

Sending lots of love on Valentine’s Day!

in opening a... on 14 Feb, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day from Laura and Joe

in valentine... on 14 Feb, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day I love you all!!!

in opening a... on 14 Feb, 2023

Let it Roll on Mary’s machine!

in flower basket on 14 Feb, 2023

Hope all my VALENTINES have a great day! ❤️😘🥰

in happy v day on 14 Feb, 2022

Valentine Smileys

Although these valentine smileys can never replace real life emotions or exchanges of hugs and kisses on Valentine's day, we're sure that our many free smileys can help you better express your feelings towards your sweetheart.

Do you know what Valentine's Day is all about? Continue reading to find out!

What is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated on the 14th of February in most western and western-influenced cultures, and is the most widely celebrated holiday after Christmas. Valentine's Day is the day on which lovers convey their love and emotions for one another by exchange of Valentine's notes (also known as "Valentines"), love messages and poems, Valentine cards, gifts, flowers, chocolates and even emoticons!

In other words, Valentine's Day is the celebration of love - it is a day of romance. Many couples celebrate this day by sharing a romantic dinner and express their feelings of love and affection for each other. Many lovers also choose Valentine's Day for making marriage proposals to their loved ones and some happily married couples renew their marriage vows on Valentine's Day. This day is also known as a day on which secret lovers send flowers and notes to their loved ones and make them aware of their secret feelings. The most known symbol of Valentine's Day is the figure of the famous love match maker, the winged-Cupid; a child looking deity with his bow and arrows, and the red and pink Heart shaped sign.

Valentine's Day History

There are various opinions on the history and the origin of Valentine's Day. It is widely believed that it is named after Saint Valentine, who is said to have been a third century Roman Christian priest who was martyred on 14 February 269 A.D. According to the Catholic Church there are another two saints named Valentine who were martyred as well.

Saint Valentine's Day story

Saint Valentine lived during the rule of Emperor Claudius II. Claudius was not happy with the half-hearted performance of those of his soldiers who were married and had families. So he decided to ban marriage for men altogether in order to increase the power and strength of his army.

Saint Valentine found the decree very cruel and unjust, so he decided to defy it. He secretly performed marriages for the young soldiers and their lovers. Later, the Emperor became aware of Valentine's actions and sentenced him to death. During the time that he was jailed, he fell in love with the young daughter of his jail-man. On the day of his death, he sent a letter to her and signed it as "Your Valentine"; the expression which is widely used today.

In 498 A.D., February 14th, the day of his death was chosen as the Valentine's Day by Pope Gelasius, and later Valentine's day was declared as the Day of Romance due to its proximity to the beginning of the spring and start of mating season in the nature and the association of the day with the most romantic priest of all time, Saint Valentine.

To find out much more about this popular holiday, visit the Wikipedia page.

More Valentine stuff

Other than these love and valentine emoticons, we've got plenty of other Valentine goodies for you to download and use.

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