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Heart in the sky Emoticon

Heart in the sky animated emoticon
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An aerial message of love! This is a love emoticon demonstrating a skywriter (airplane) which draws the shape of a pink and red heart in the sky. Some lovers choose Valentine's Day to hire a skywriter to send a romantic message of love (or proposal) to their special someone. Quite an expensive way of conveying your feelings! If your budget does not allow you to hire a skywriter for the time being, you can use this free animated emoticon!

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User comments (26)

Anonymous said:14 Feb '20

Happy Valentine's Day! Love you.

Gayle said:14 Feb '20

Happy Valentine's Day to Ed and Julie!

Anonymous said:14 Feb '18

Just for you on this heartfelt day

Anonymous said:14 Feb '18

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers in the world!

Ruth said:19 Jun '17

Hi to all.
I want to use this Heart in the sky emoticon when I text. How do I add it to my text emoticons?

Vette said:13 Jun '17

My heart does loops every time I think of you!

?? said:14 Feb '17

Hello. This animated emoticon of the heart is truly gorgeous. What else can I say?

Grammy said:27 Dec '16

Small Productions Make Big Impacts! I Love You Alison!

Anonymous said:04 Feb '16

I Love You Ernie! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said:12 Feb '15

I love you!
Missing you so much.

H.B. said:05 Oct '14

You are the heart in my sky. I love you beautifu!

nozi said:18 Jul '14

Thank you! The hearts are so pretty.

SW said:06 Jun '13

Thanx so much :) It is awesome.

easypeasy said:17 Feb '13

♡♡ these love hearts are so cute

Anonymous said:14 Feb '13

I love you so much! xxx
Ik zie je zo graag !!! xxx

Anonymous said:31 May '12

love the hearth missing you

Anonymous said:15 Feb '12

I think your icons are adorable.

Tanja=) said:26 Sep '11

TY ;-)

GEG said:09 Jul '10

wow they are great, say more than words can

Anonymous said:20 Mar '10

i love the heart, its BRILLIANT :-)

albina-anglia said:17 Jan '10

very good!!!! I love my heart ( a + b )

Anonymous said:11 Oct '09

super! I love the heart XD

Anonymous said:20 Sep '09

i luv u rashmi n i miss u so much

cake lover said:29 Jul '09

i love cake very very muchly! :)

Anonymous said:12 Feb '08

pink hart is very beautiful

Anonymous said:07 Feb '08

Happy Valentine's Day.
I love you Nawaf.

Details for heart in the sky

Suggested shortcut: :skymsg
Tags: Spray, Clouds, Sky, Airplane
Filename: skywriter.gif

  • The Heart in the sky emoticon is Animated
  • Heart in the sky icon file size: 53.36 kB (54644)
  • Added on 29 January, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Heart in the sky' is animated in 81 frames, the animation is 8.1 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Heart in the sky

To use the Heart in the sky icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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